I've got a 2011 Winnebago Tour 42QD with a VMSair (Bluetooth) that's displayed on a new Samsung tablet. Every few minutes, the oil pressure light on the tablet's display switches to red but the oil pressure PSI number that's next to the light indicates good pressure. The numeric PSI indication always shows the same PSI that the Freightliner info-center shows. It's only the color that switches to red. After a few seconds, the color switches from red to yellow and then back to green. In a few minutes it will go through this cycle again. It's only the oil pressure that does this. I've verified that the parameters are correct and the actual (numeric) oil pressure never goes outside the parameters, but the light still switches to red. Any ideas on how to fix this? Has there been a firmware release in the past six months or so> Thanks

Submitted by Art on Sun, 2014-11-09 20:28


At first...this is a real stumper... Hello Kevin...Art here...I'm the VMSpc guy. I share duties with the Wifi and Bluetooth Sensei, MengJin. Your issue appears on a system using the J-1939 databus. The standard is solid but not every eng/tranny mfg'r does it well. Detroit--super. Cat, solid. So, I'm going to guess you may have a Cummins ISC or ISL? Please reply with the actual oil pressure...its range...min and max. Also, what is your gauge set to as for min, max, amber, red...all that? You can also just give a call. We'll (between us) post the solution. At his point, it looks like a conflict of information or of settings. Thanks Kevin! Art Documentation Central Silverleaf Electronics