FYI Trying to get some interest generated in a custom "Glass Dash" with the Thor Palazzo members on the forum: Any help or comments appreciated, here or there. Thanks, Bill Skeen 2014 Thor Palazzo 33.3

Submitted by Art on Fri, 2014-09-19 12:45


Hi Bill...Art here... As the Thor hasn't had a Glass Dash designed for it (yet) it'd be a bit of a process to work through. The $10k price mentioned by Jim Walker was for ones already dialed in. Its not a terrifically difficult process. Our design dept. takes photos taken of your existing dash, some measurements and other info. Our designer then works through the build-up process using CAD and some specialty Injection Molding modeling software. We work with the molders and create an install package. In the end, someone...maybe you(!) goes first. Any necessary changes are made...then...the Thor Palazzo line is added the list of models we support. For more details specifically on this, contact our designer directly: Cheers Art Documentation Central Silverleaf Electronics, Albany, Oregon (888) 741-0259