I understand your working on a patch for Windows 8.1. When do you expect to have this available? Thank you, Mark

Submitted by Art on Mon, 2014-09-08 11:53


Hello Mark The new driver--which resolves the Win8.1 PC Port Failure--is available here. Open this archive you begin to download into the folder it creates (someplace you'll be able to find it again; preferably off your C:\ drive.) Run the program "Install_Drivers.exe" to install the hardware drivers, then, reboot your computer. Let me know how this works out or if you need clarification of any sort. Thanks! Art Documentation Central Silverleaf Electronics Inc Sunny Albany Oregon

Submitted by tomgauger on Wed, 2015-01-07 15:09


Can I run your interface program on a small Chrome-based computer? I think it would fit nicely on the dash of my 2001 Monaco Exec. Beyond that, what would a rough cost be to go to a full glass dash? Thanks! Tom Gauger

Submitted by Art on Thu, 2015-01-08 08:00


Hello Tom As Chrome runs the custom Google-designed Chrome Operating system, it can run only 'Apps' from its own source or those from its 'store.' In short, its not Windows. VMSpc requires windows on a PC (Laptop, notebook or tablet.) You're on the right trail though--most fellas use a 11-13" Netbook or notebook for this purpose. The balance are using tablets. The dash system you mention is a pretty special setup. It gives a very professional feel to any coach--once installed. It then provides a dearth of information and automatic rear-camera availability (when backing up, for instance.) That installation includes designing a custom-formed insert and face-surround for your coach, per your requirements. Variations include specific wood-tones, solids colors and any additional padding or fitment. Its all custom--only the panel itself is 'off the shelf' so to speak. That being said, its a significant investment and one best left to the designer, Dale. Once a few questions are answered, he can give the best and most complete answer. Give him a call; (888) 741-0259. If he's not in (as he's often out doing coach dash re-design and installs) he'll get right back to you. Art Documentation Central Silverleaf Electronics Inc Sunny Albany Oregon