I have a 1989 Newell Motorcoach with a 475hp Detroit Diesel 8V92TA DDEC 1 engine. I have had trouble in recent years finding a Detroit Diesel Dealer with a working diagnostic system for my model engine. In fact, for 5 years, we have had a faulty timing sensor in the engine that made it increasingly difficult to start and prone to stop even on the road; but none of the Detroit dealers we visited had a working diagnostic system to find the problem. Would any of your products enable me to read and interpret the engine codes from my DDEC 1? My data coupling is a rectangular, 12 pin receptacle; but I also have an adaptor for it, which is 15 pin and trapezoidal in shape. I believe that it might accept a serial cable. I have already downloaded the VMSpc software from your site; but thought I'd better check with you at this point before proceeding. Certainly, it would be nice to have continuous engine monitoring with whatever system I might purchase; but the most important requirement is to be able to reliably check codes when my 25 year old engine has the hiccups. Thanks for your informative website. I am encouraged by it that perhaps I can better manage the maintenance issues on the engine. Dick Quirk