Submitted by Art on Thu, 2015-04-16 13:28

Looking for a particular engine for your VMSpc™ installation? All the current engine files since 2008 have been added to the VMSpc distribution disk- Open the link for the group, extract the Engines Folder to your C:\VMSpc folder, then select [Advanced] [Engine Type] use the [Look In] box at the top to open the newly downloaded Engines folder. Select your engine then click [Open]. You're done.

If your engine is not included in the VMSpc Installation contact us, and we'll go to work on developing the calibration tables for it. Some ISL9 engines have been difficult (or impossible) to find data on. It seems Cummins is choosing to keep this information "proprietary" and otherwise all to themselves. If this is the case, you may need to help by requesting it or scouring the web for it. Also, note that these files are only used to calculate torque and horsepower. All other gauges and features will function and report without them.