VMSpc, as a Windows program, works on tablets and lap-tops using the Microsoft Windows operating system. Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, and 8.1 and 10.x are all compatible. Windows RT is not. Apple iOS and Android Operating systems have their own SilverLeaf 'App.' Blackberry does not. Some examples for compatibility:

Tablet Operating System VMSpc Compatible?
Apple iPad      iOs No
Samsung Galaxy Tab    Android No
Amazon Kindle Fire    Android No
Google Chrome Book    Android No
Microsoft Surface Pro    Windows 10 Yes
Microsoft Surface    Windows RT No
Dell Latitude    Windows 10 Yes

Phones, Phablets and Tablets; Oh My! SilverLeaf has put together some simplified tools to help the coach owner, driver or drivers assistant monitor it. As you know, VMS-PC (as a Windows Only tool) can be run on a Windows Tablet or Laptop. It's great for tracking most all of the on-the-road functions you need while underway. Also available--for the smaller and more portable form factor are simplified "Apps" for your portable non-windows device. Be it Android  or iPhone, we have an app for that. This offers a 'lite' view for those coach monitoring functions during and after the drive, while setting up and parked. For specific motor and drive-train feedback, use the VMSair App.For All-house functionality, use the other app: RVCair. Install both to get a pretty complete picture of everything.


For Android, use a WiFi connection and the App available from Google 'Play Store:' 1. Open your Play Store App. 2. Use the Magnifying Glass to search for VMSair or RVCair (lower case is fine, too.) 

For Apple: Use the WiFi connection and: RVC-Air - great for managing house functions and VMS-Air - is just the ticket for Monitoring the Engine and Drive-train. Use the same App install method as Android--except using the iTunes Store.

An RVC-Cell app is available for use with our built-in cellular system. This is comprised of TM522 cellular modem for SMS-messaging as a way to stay in touch with your coach and remote control.

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