2003 Country Coach Magna, 505 Cat with Onan Generator.VMS showing house comm failure for the generator. All other engine functions for the VMS are working. When the generator is rolled out it has a switch for interrupting the ground. Created a direct ground. Generator will start locally. Reset the J5708-PM-002 V3.0 by pulling the power, pulled the comm link and still getting house comm failure. I have run out of ideas, please help, thanks in advance. Mark

Submitted by Mark Overholser on Mon, 2013-02-18 00:52


Since you Power Cycled the PM-002, it sounds like there is a Software Corruption or a Hardware Failure.. Call Us between the hours of 07:00am and 04:00pm, M-F and ask to talk to a Technician.. I believe you will need to send in your Unit..

Submitted by Mlaser59 on Tue, 2013-03-12 08:45


I found the system was blowing the 10 amp fuse. I also sent the board back for a SW upgrade and you guys certified the board is working properly. Last evening I received the board back and i am getting generator comm failure. I have red lights on the comm links on the PM-002. Does the comm link from the PM-002 go directly to the generator? Any recommendations on the next trouble shooting step? thanks mark

On the 2003 Country Coach, the PM-002 is connected to the Onan Node, which is Connected to the Onan Genset.. If you Error Message on the VMS200 is "GENSET COMM FAILURE", This means that the ONAN Node can not communicate with the ONAN Generator. It can be caused by One or Both of the Communication Lines to the Genset being disconnected, or possibly a Failure of the Onan Node, but most of the Onan Node Failures are on the Start or Stop Outputs..