I have a 2005 Beaver thunder with a C-13 Cat engine. I want to replace my Aladdin/Kenwood dash unit.What Silverleaf unit do I need?? I do not use the TV for any part of the Aladdin system- just the dash unit. Do I still use my "current" screen that is part of the Kenwood radio (I think but not sure)? How much is the unit and how long should it take to R&R my Aladdin? If I bring the coach to you, will you make the swap? Thanks Pete H

Submitted by Mark Overholser on Tue, 2012-04-24 08:43


Does your Aladdin only displays Engine Information on your Kenwood, or do you get House Information on the Kenwood as well? Do you only have the BackUp Camera, or do you have side Cameras as well?? The SilverLeaf VMS330 handles One Camera and the Engine Data. If you have Side Cameras, the SilverLeaf VDX404 handles up to Four Cameras and Four Display Devices, like the Kenwood.

Submitted by doublechevy (not verified) on Thu, 2012-05-31 07:16


I have an Alladin System with a voyager B/W Monitor 3 camera system and engine monitor channel what unit can i replace it with Phil Racicot 2012-05-30

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Have a Monaco Dynasty Bishop III 2006.My Aladdin system had a short circuit in the sending unit on the main DC wire close to main switch, causing burned out interface module inside dash beside video control unit.Any idea where to get parts and wiring diagram? If needed I will upgrade to SL conversion. My Aladdin system handles 4 camera,all the engine info, tank info, temp inside outside and trip info. There are seperate generator control unit located over the driver. Can this generator control be connected to the SL system as well? What will be the price for such conversion. Only the parts needed and installation instructions. Thanks your reply heliboy