VMSpc consists of the main program executable (VMSpc.exe) and a bunch of data files that includes trip, screen layout, and diagnostic information. These data files are what need to be retained in order to keep the same information. You can do this one of two ways. Either install a new version of VMSpc on the new computer and then copy the data files over from the old computer, or copy the entire VMSpc folder from your old computer to your new computer. If you do this last way you will probably want to create a shortcut to VMSpc.exe on your desktop (right-click on VMSpc.exe, Send to -> Desktop (create shortcut)). Important data files include:
  • odometer.dat
  • settings.dat
  • tires.dat - tire data
  • paramtrs.dat - parameter information
  • alarms.dat - audible alarm setup
  • diagnostics.txt - engine diagnostic code history
  • *.trp - trip files
  • *.scr - screen files
  • maintenance.vms - data for maintenance manager