I have a VMS400CL and Smart Tire. What do I need to upgrade to Pressure Pro. Does my VMS400 need to be sent in for upgrade?

Submitted by JohnFreyja on Sat, 2013-07-06 18:07


I have just purchased an 08 Country Coach Intrigue which has the VMS 240 (and the Total Coach System) and I would also like to know if I need new software upgrade and does the unit have to be uninstalled and sent in? John 08 Intrigue #12235

You will need to have version 40RV25 or newer to have Pressure Pro support with all known issues fixed. The VMS240 can be removed and sent to us for an update, or a Technician can come to the Coach to update it in place... Unless you want to stop by our Office, you will need to have it updated at a Rally.

Thank you Mark, I went to the Coach today and I hate to admit that I could not find the software version # on the dash Vms240. I did find some info on the total coach readout in the bathroom hall that listed a "TCS 10RC13 and BIOS 1.14" I was in Junction City last week which would have been convenient but now back in the Seattle area. Are there any dealers or techs in this area? 22

On the VMS240, Press and Hold the DIAG and INFO Buttons, for 3, 4, 5, 6 Seconds until the VMS OPTIONS screen appears. The Software Version is in the lower Right Corner of the Screen, and looks like "32RV16" or "40RV20". The Total Coach System ( TCS ) does not display any Tire Pressure Data, so its Software Version is irrelevant. You should have Dropped By, we could have done the Update while still installed in your Coach.. We have done some in depth business with Brazel's RV in Centralia, WA. Also, Poulsbo RV in Kent, WA has worked with our products, but I don't think they can reprogram our Units in the Field....

Found the Version, thank you. Just called Brazel's and he apparently called to check and said for the VMS240 I would have to remove and ship it to you. Not a convenient system at all! I might just install my PressurePro unit. John

Submitted by JohnFreyja on Fri, 2013-08-30 10:26


Update... I was able to have Brazel's in Centralia update the software for my Total Coach System (which then updated the VMS240) and I was able to obtain a TNC Male to BNC Female Adapter from Paternack Enterprises, Inc. www.pasternack.com which allowed me to connect directly to the Smart Tire Antenna Cable for the Pressure Pro and now I need to program the rest of my PressurePro Sensors in the VMS240. John