Hi - I hope the title caught your attention. Now for my question... What the heck do all the PID codes mean that I'm getting, and where are they coming from? I have a VMSpc connected to an '06 HR Endeavor with the ISL400 and Allison Transmission, and I randomly (as best as I can tell) am getting a whole lot of codes, see atachment, but can't find out anything anywhere as to what they are for/from or a decoder to define them. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance! Ron

Submitted by Martin Perlot on Tue, 2006-06-13 09:21


The codes don't look legit, which means something in the system is throwing out bad data. It looks like you get a burst of errors, and I'm wondering whether the errors are all coming when you first start the engine or turn the key. Something may be burping up some garbage in those first fractions of a second. Usually I can figure out the problem by analyzing a raw data log. You can create a raw log by selecting "Raw Log" from the Advanced menu, choosing a file, clicking "Start", running the engine for a minute, and then clicking "Stop". Send me the file it generates. (Make sure you name the file something like "Rons ISL Log" so it doesn't get lost on my hard drive.) Hopefully you can capture one of these errors as it occurs. If you are so lucky, I can usually figure out the problem.

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Ok, thanks. I'll do it as soon as I can and post them. I'm assuming I click "Start" just before I turn on the engine, correct? Thanks! Ron

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Hi - Earlier in here, I mentioned I was getting weird codes and you suggested I start a datalog to see if we could capture it all. Well, instead I had a heart-failure and went in the hospital. Things are much better now, to say the least. Reason I bring this up is that we were right near Camp Monaco Florida when this all happened (curtailing our travels for awhile), and I got an extended chance to talk to the factory-experts about the codes. They scratched their heads and shrugged their shoulders. Called Cummins and they shrugged too. The tech even said he called y'all and got referred right back to Cummins or the Monaco/RoadMaster people. So where do codes come from? Is it like cars and the OBDII/readouts from the engine-computer? Or is it also linked to the Tranny? Cummins said their system doesn't even put out PID-numbers as high as I've been seeing. Anyways, I've been datalogging and waiting for the codes to return, but nothing has reappeared yet (that's always the way, right?). I'll keep trying and let you know. Thanks! Ron

. . . the codes are generated by the component (engine, transmission, ABS) in a standardized way, similar to the OBDII trouble codes in cars. But the SAE J1708 protocol doesn't have enough error-detection, and messages sometimes get garbled. That seems to be what has happened to you. For an analogy, it's like reading a dirty DVD. A DVD has extra information burned into it so that if a few bits get damaged you can still read it. But if enough bits get damaged it'll become unplayable. You could make DVDs more or less reliable by designing more or fewer extra error-correcting bits. Well, J1708 has some error-correction, but it isn't always enough. Those codes are like a skip in a DVD.

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Larry L. Ron, do you have the Aladdin system installed on your coach? I have not created any data logs as yet but have had some intermittent failure to start issues with my '06 Endeavor. Please see my posts and Martin's response in the forum.

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I realize it's been awhile since I responded here, but things have been quite busy. I finally figured out why my VMSpc has been throwing the weird codes... it was the ENGINE computer! And the VMSpc was telling me that all along! Here's the back-story. I was getting codes that translated into things like: "Sparkplug misfiring" (on a diesel??), or "tire-pressure low" (I don't have separate tire-monitors installed), and similar. They made no sense and were written-off as internal glitches in the VMSpc-to-PID information and basically ignored. Eventually, the engine began to not have full-boost up some Rocky Mtn inclines, so I took it to a Cummins shop in Utah. After messing with things for 3 days they finally decided the engine-computer was bad and not telling the turbo to boost fully, so they replaced the computer. After that, no more incline issues... and all the weird codes went away. Evidently, the computer was generating the erroneous codes and we were thinking it was just the bad lookup-table. Goes to show ya, pay attention to your VMSpc! Thanks! Ron PS: Larry - I don't have the Aladdin.

I am glad "you got to bottom" of the problem. I would suspect that some engines give "weird codes", but function "adequately". In your case it appears that the "weird codes" were indicative of the overall state of the engine. Mark Overholser =================================================================== Mark D. Overholser Engineering Technician SilverLeaf Electronics Inc. 2472 Ferry Street SW Albany, OR 97322 888-741-0259 541-967-8111 541-967-8988 (fax)

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Is there some way I can add a gauge that shows the two air pressure gauges on my VMSpc display?