Just bought a new 2006 Foretravel Phenix with the Total Coach System. I can't get it to operate. Nothing shows on the display even after pressing every button. I checked the basement compartments and found a small light on the TM-102 flashing. Next to it was the reset switch. I flipped it to the off position and the light went out. As soon as I flipped it back on, the flashing resumed. I read the manual and can't seem to locate anything on troubleshooting. Any ideas where I should look next?

Submitted by Mark Overholser on Thu, 2007-08-30 07:04


It sounds like there is no power to the Total Coach System, or for some reason, the Fuse inside the Total Coach System has "blown". The Reset Switch in the Plumbing Bay does Power the Total Coach System, as well as the TM-102. I would try to check for Power at the Total Coach System, if it has Power and Ground, the Fuse inside must be the Problem. The Fuse is not user replaceable. The Total Coach System has 4 wires going to it. The pair at the end, one above the other is the Power and Ground. The pair side-by-side are the RV-C CAN data lines. Mark Overholser =================================================================== Mark D. Overholser Engineering Technician SilverLeaf Electronics Inc. 2472 Ferry Street SW Albany, OR 97322 888-741-0259 541-967-8111 541-967-8988 (fax)