Submitted by Art on Fri, 2015-09-18 16:10

SilverLeaf has long been providing "one-stop shopping" for all the engine and chassis information that a coach owner could desire. Now we're also offering the same sort of intelligent integration for the rest of the coach. Our Total Coach™ House Monitoring System (HMS365) ties together the Inverter, Generator, Transfer Switch, Tank Levels, Heating, Cooling and much more to provide a smart, simple way to automate, monitor, and control your coach.


The center of the system is the Total Coach Monitor. This graphic control panel can be compared to an extra-large VMS for the galley. It provides instant indicators of the status of every system, and detailed information is never more than a keystroke away. In fact, a single touch of the screen will start or stop the generator, inverter, water pump, or any other device that is part of the system. It is simple and very convenient. The Total Coach System is modular, and SilverLeaf customizes the system for each RV manufacturer. The Total Coach System is also appropriate for bus conversions and major coach upgrades.