I installed the beta and I had been running 3 odometers. One for day trips, fuel tank miles since fill and total summer trip miles. After install and running VMSedit once, all of the odometers reset to day one miles and lost information that was on them for present time. I never clicked the start from day one button. And with the new odometer there is no view history to see. There is text files in folder for them. I can double click on odometer to reset every thing to 0 but then if I open it and click on the reset button every thing returns to total miles, gal etc. Another thing that happen was I had 3 different text gauges above the odometers and two of them disappeared & I had to replace them. If I reset all 3 odometers by double clicking them to 0. I then close the VMSpc program and then when I open it back up all the odometers are showing the day one information again. Running on a Windows ME system if that makes any difference. All the above is sitting still. I will be moving the MH this Thursday. I will reset them to 0 before moving and see if they will register miles ect. Larry

Submitted by cpat39 on Mon, 2019-01-21 13:53


Regardless of original assignment of a Gauge they all now read Speed wether on Jib or off Jib. Running 3.0 on Win10. This screen file ran fine until today. Pat

Submitted by Art on Fri, 2019-02-15 16:02


File corruption--thats why its showing all that speed. Hello Pat, If the data file "ParamData.xml" for your configuration gets corrupted than it may populate visually correct, with all the boxes in their right place...yet all are Road Speed. Its a fall-back when the file is broken or incomplete. Your gauge layout is safe, but the supporting ...and somewhat hidden file... is broken. How to fix it? Simple: re-run the installer for that program. As long as your gauge-layout file has a unique name ex. MyFaves_02-15-19.scr.xml then it will open normally afterwards. This ParamData.xml file stores the last scan made of your engine to show (while not plugged in) possible gauges you could create--say, from the kitchen table while parked for a spell. Once corrupted, it may repair itself if plugged back into the coach (and it gets updated at key-on.) If not, then just rerun the installer and launch the program again. cheers Art //