Does the VMSpc support reprograming engine perameters for increased torque, horsepower, milage. I have a CAT3126B. I understand that Banks systems can do this with the Cummings. Thanks

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I have a 2000 Harney Coach Riata. I understand that this was your baby at one time. My unit is a 3126B CAT 300hp Allison 3060 transmision. The plug is a rectangle 2 row 12 pin connector. Is there an adapter for the newer round plugs? Can I monitor the transmission/torque converter with the VMSpc? Thanks

Harney Coach was part of Beaver and Safari. SilverLeaf has only made Electronic Monitoring Systems for Coaches, never any Coaches themselves. This connector sounds like the Allison ALDL Connector. We now have Harnesses to connect to this Receptacle, as well as the Cat and Allison Technicians have Harnesses to connect to it too. There is no reason to purchase an Adapter, but you could have an RV Dealer install the Deutsch 6-pin Receptacle in addition to the existing ALDL.

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so what do I need to purchase to get full compatability besides VMSpc? I would like to be able to connect to a futere unknown coach as well. Thanks Mike

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This will have two different Answers.. If you order VMSpc today, when you are asked 6-pin or 9-pin, you say, "I have the 12-pin ALDL plug". If you want Future Compatibility, most Coaches from 1996 to 2005 have the Round 6-pin, and from 2006 to current, have the 9-pin, because Allison dropped the J1708/J1587 communication in 2006 so ALL coaches needed the 9-pin, even if they still had a 6-pin Installed. Your Dealer should be able to install the 9-pin, and I would think that your Chassis should have a 6-pin Installed already, because it should have a Magnum Chassis, which have the 6-pin Installed since 1996..