I recently acquired a 2006 Tiffin Allegro Bus. I used my VMSpc in a 2001 WRV Alpine. Worked great. The OBD port under the Allego dash has a different size housing and different plug layout. It will not plug in. The protective cap has PBT-GF15 stamped in it. The Tiffin is a Freightliner chassis. ISL Cummins. My interface is a Jr501 J1708/J1939. Hw 1.00 sw 1.07. Can I buy just the obd plug with it’s pigtail connector?

Submitted by Art on Tue, 2018-04-03 08:41


Yes and no Hello there You'll need a cable that will plug into what's _under_ the cap--most likely a black socket with 9 pin-pockets. 7 of those will likely have the shiny pins visible. That's referred to as a "9-pin Deutsch." Once identified, give a call and we'll get the right cable right out to you. $29.95 + UPS shipping. Phone number is to the left of this post, bottom. We'll also walk you through a simple "jumper" changing process. Your box was 'jumpered' internally for the older J1708 setup. Now that you'll be moving up to the faster data bus, you'll need to change that. If you remove the lid before calling, you'll be then all prepared. cheers Art //