I have just purchased a 2018 Fleetwood Discovery LXE 39F, Freightliner XCM, Allison 3000 and Cummins ISB 7.7L 260hp. Wont be receiving it until March. I have some newbie questions. 1. Is the VMSpc appropriate for this vehicle? 2. Do each of the components (engine, trans, chassis) have their own connectors or is it all in one? 3. Is the PressurePro usable with this MH? 4. Ant suggestions for the "best" tablet or PC. Thanks Thomas

Submitted by Art on Tue, 2018-02-06 12:40


Hello Thomas, 1. Yes. With VMSpc 4.0.7 we found complete compatibility for all new (2017+) coaches. This can be said also as 'compatible with 500KB data bus, any chassis). 2. All these 'nodes' are seen on a single data bus; the green Deutsch socket under the dash is used for this purpose. 3. PressurePro can be compatible for this vehicle. It would require a specific 'style' of installation: A J1708 'Bridge Receiver' in the front, 35' coax to a special spot, midway back, just in front of and just below the drive axle. 4. I've read on the forum and heard firsthand that the golden child is the RCA Cambio. Seems sturdy enough. At $99 its got the major features we need, in this order: Based on Windows (10), A conventional full-size USB socket (not a micro), A separate charging port (in the form of a barrel connector). Aside from a heartbeat, thats all we need. Gone are the days of "Minimum Specifications" --any more its like claiming the specs for my new car should meet +15mpg, a spare tire and a working radio/ tape deck. That's the state of the VMSpc union and your new ride. cheers Art //