I have been monitoring my VMSPC for several years on a Lenovo Yogi 2 ll. It has always gotten pretty warm up on the dash, but lately seems to be getting worse. I have had to put an ice pack on it to cool it down. I am in the market for a dedicated monitoring system. Any good recommendations???

Submitted by Art on Mon, 2018-02-05 12:34


Hello RW The hot most popular model now has owned the top slot of the Top-40 for almost a year--looks like its going to be around for a while. Its the RCA Cambio, 10" $99+free ship from Walmart, online. Its got but one issue which bug some folks--the keyboard. Not great...or even pretty good. Its sturdy but not very good for extended use, on the go; its just not affixed very well with its too-small rare earth magnets. That not withstanding, its a great unit for how the VMSpc is used. Once the setup is done, most folks pull off the keyboard and toss it in a drawer. Some will use a smaller Bluetooth keyboard with track-pad instead for the occasional tweak. This unit has a full-sized USB socket and separate charging ("barrel") port. No hub or adapter required. Its been a solid performer and, I'll note here, works with our software driver and PC program quite well. That is the most popular unit as heard from our user-base. The deal-breakers across other brands and models: --A single micro-USB socket (requires hub and adapters) --7~8" units (too small to set up, tedious and the source of new, creative swear-words.) --Expensive (Surface type models can easily cost $250~$600) That's the State of the (tablet) Union Circa 2017/2018. Art //