Version 4.0.3 software has been replaced with v4.0.4. See the updated feedback thread for updates. Feedback has picked up, so far, it has one absolute show-stopper: PressurePro. As this is a must-have, we're picking up the pace on v4.0.4. Goal is to have it released TODAY (5/12.) See The Forum Topic: "4.0.3 Buglist" for the 'Known Issues' and 'Adds.' Another gotcha, however, on some Windows-10 systems: Windows Defender. It may, or may not, cry foul during installation on the uninstaller. We've verified its a glitch in its heuristics, not the software. For the time being, disable Defender, download (or re-download) the distribution disk and install. Re-enable Defender afterwards. Windows-10 is acting wonky with our WiFi Jibs. It will randomly disconnect or persistently drop the data connection. Not sure of the root issue--yet other mfg's are having this problem too. Here's your chance to weigh in on the bug-list. --Doing so will help us all keep track! 1. State the type JIB you're using and diagnostics connector type -and- 2. Frame your point in one of two categories: FIXES Something is broken/ missing and preventing basic functionality. A feature (small or large) is unusable because of a glitch of some sort. ADDS Aesthetics, look, feel and additional functionality. Or, maybe it works but the logic is...not...logical. Thanks!! Art Renda Documentation Central Silverleaf Electronics (888) 741-0259

Submitted by donupdyke on Sat, 2016-04-23 16:17


I think you need to say that V4 will pop red weird values for 1/10 sec about every minute and that is the way it is. Ignore the flash and read the nominal readings and it works fine and is stable. My fuel and speedo and tranny are right on with gps. My triptech agrees with vmspc v4. I think the usb to serial converters are getting long enough in the tooth to just not cut it anylonger they work ok with v3.4.

Hello Don That *is* in fact worth fixing. We certainly covered some ground in getting serial to work, we just need to target the bogus messages and/or skim the spurious reading. Small potatoes. The truth is that there's just too many folks I'd have top say "can't" to whom still use the serial jib.'ll get tweaked into submission this next cycle. cheers Art //

Submitted by brhodes51 on Mon, 2016-04-25 18:38


Version 4.0.3 shows as 4.0.2 in the Help tab. Main issue I see when changing audio alarm sounds and then testing the sound causes the dispay box to freeze and the alarm sound to continue to run. The box will display it is not responding, but will eventually stop giving you back control. I am running Windows 10 on a Toshiba Satlellite 770 and have a USB JIB.

Submitted by mickhunt@bells… on Tue, 2016-04-26 10:04


Trying to set up Tablet with download of new v 4.0+. Art I think I have a USB JIB so will it work with the new version?

In a word: Yes Hello Mick The v4.x software will work will all JIBs and, as far as I know, all Windows tablets. There's but a zillion different models so just no way to know but to have a try. If its not too late, can you purchase the extended warranty on that RCA? I've read on the Amazon feedback that those that didn't had hard feelings at some point--and those that did have it ended up using it. cheers Art //

Submitted by Marty Weston on Wed, 2016-04-27 09:15


Hi Art, I am still having issues with the data stream dropping out every 45 minutes or so. The fix so far has been to open the communication box and touch the "Customize IP Settings" tab. The "mouse wake up" doesn't seem to be keeping the info flowing. That and my "day one" odometer isn't day one. It starts from whatever date I create it. Oh yeah, BTW this is on a wonderful Windows 10 tablet.:-( Thanks! Marty

Submitted by cpat39 on Thu, 2016-05-05 12:21


Downloaded distribution disk for 4.0.3 yesterday. Using W10 with latest updates. After making new scr.xml file and allowing AutoSave and doing my own save everything was looking. Really like the new color features. I closed the file and then went to reopen and got "Error reading file" message box. Pressed OK and VMSpc stays open with blank screen. Windows 10 is operating under VMWare Fusion A copy of xml is attached. Pat Coleman

Hello Pat You've described a missing file or a bad pointer. Its likely that the program is not finding the SCReen file where it expected to. In a native-Windows installation, that should be: C:\VMSpc4.0.3\VMSpc I'm wondering about several things: 1. Did you rename its installation directory at the time of install or afterwards? 2. If you did, during install, does our save-as default to another location, say...your Documents folder? 3. Is the program tripping over the sand-boxed state its in where file locations aren't lettered, but numbered? Do a search for that uniquely named SCR file you saved. Find it and copy it into the equivalent to C:\VMSpc4.0.3\VMSpc folder--and report back. You may have just discovered another little bug.

Art I can answer that all my file directories are lettered and not numbered. Tried copying file to c:\\VMSpc4.0.3\VMSpc directory and that did not resolve the issue. Believe I did rename directory at time of install. Will do a complete reinstall after uninstalling all of current 4.0.3 install and let all defaults occur. This will take a couple of days as we will traveling on Friday. Fortunately I am still using v3.5 on my active VMSpc computer. From what I can see save-as was saving to correct directory. Pat

Submitted by cpat39 on Thu, 2016-05-05 21:53


As I mentioned earlier I am running latest verison of W!0 on WMWare Fusion latest version on top of Apple OS El Capitan. The Distribution Disk Setup wanted to use a shared file that does not seem to exist or want to open. I finally succeed re-installing by forcing into C:\Documents. Made a unique sml file and your Autosave and manually saving seemed to work. Exit VMSpc a couple of times and each time it open my file without issue. Pat