I have a 2006 country coach affinity, generator starts fine from manual on/off start but does not start from totalcoach panel or VMS. I have read the blogs and tried recycling the house battery. Tried starting from manual and then try to shut off with VMS, no luck. Tried starting and stopping directly at generator, then cycling power, no luck, etc. Any suggestions.

Submitted by Mark Overholser on Tue, 2015-01-27 08:38


I assume that the Holding Tanks are reading correctly. If you can STOP the Generator from the VMS or Total Coach Panel, then I would check the Gen Slide Safety Switch. Are the Inverters and Transfer Switch reading correctly?? IF NOT, I would suspect that the PM001/002 or TM102 is malfunctioning. If it is ONLY the GenSet, it might be a Crank Setting Issue, if you have a Power Tech genset, or a Wiring Issue. If your coach still has the Prosine 3.0 Inverters, the PM001/002 is located in the Dash Pod, behind the Instrument Cluster. If the Inverters have been replaced, the TM102 should be located in front of the Pluming Bay, on the Drivers Side of the Coach, under a cover. MarkO

Thanks for comments Mark, holding tanks read fine, inverters, transfer switch fine. So only the GenSet. And yes, a PTS genset. With original Prosine 3.0 inverters. So as you say, likely a 'crank setting' issue (or wiring). Will find a certified tech to help with crank setting unless this is something I can do without any type of special tool/device? dean