what does this diagnostics mean on my 1999 Itasca with 275hp cummins? ENG SID 237 11 Start Enable Device Unknown Failure 3/18/14 16:43 I get this often when first starting the motorhome. 3

Submitted by pjcurry on Thu, 2014-07-17 14:00


I have a 1999 Cummins 275 ISB in my 2000 Fleetwood Discovery MH. My VMSpc Diagnostics shows multiple codes and I know many of them are inconsequential. But there are a couple I'm concerned about: ENG SID 48 1 Injector Cylinder #18 Low Reading 7/11/14 10:54 ENG SID 48 1 Injector Cylinder #18 High Reading 7/11/14 10:54 I have had both of these readings multiple times and the same reason for #19. Nothing has shown up in the Recent Diagnostic Events window - these all show up in the Notepad file. Can you tell me what these mean? Is there a place I can find a list of the codes? Thanks very much for your help. Pat Curry