VMSpc Engine Monitoring for PC.

Metric conversion

Hi Being in Australia I have tried to convert my gauges to metric. I think I have achieved most of them (not tested as vehicle off road at present) but need some help with the odometers. How could I change the units to the metric equivalents on the Odometers and will the values be shown as metric if I have put in the Engine corrections for odometer and fuel meter? Also I have two Plus under my dash one that shows just engine info and the other just gearbox info (Eaton Autoshift) how can I combine these to show both on the VMSPC? I think this is a fantastic product and would like to see more layouts, maybe a section for layouts to be shown on here would be an idea Cheerz Glen

fuel pressure monitor ?

With a big diesel engine, think big RVs and trucks, when the fuel lift pump fails and the engine is running, nothing will happen. The engine will continue to run. The lift pump is used to pressurize the fuel system for starting the engine. When the lift pump has failed and the engine is shut down it will not restart until a new lift pump is installed. Lots of tow jobs, lots of roadside repairs and lots of money changing hands. We need way to monitor the lift pump output pressure real time. Seems as though you folks could step up to the plate on this problem and make some money.

CAT C7 350 Odometers do not work

We have a 2004 Itasca Meridian with a CAT C7 305HP engine and the Bluetooth version of VMSpc. For some reason VMSpc is unable to read either the total fuel or total engine hours. The local truck service center was able to read both with their software so the data is available. The value of VMSpc is significantly reduced without functioning odometers. Anyone else have a similar problem? How about a solution?

SID 48 & 49

I have a 1999 Cummins 275 ISB in my 2000 Fleetwood Discovery MH. My VMSpc Diagnostics shows multiple codes and I know many of them are inconsequential. But there are a couple I'm concerned about: ENG SID 48 1 Injector Cylinder #18 Low Reading 7/11/14 10:54 ENG SID 48 1 Injector Cylinder #18 High Reading 7/11/14 10:54 I have had both of these readings multiple times and the same reason for #19 but with SID 49. Nothing has shown up in the Recent Diagnostic Events window - these all show up in the History Notepad file. Can you tell me what these mean? Is there a place I can find a list of the codes? Thanks very much for your help. Pat Curry

Fluctuating data

I have used the VMSpc on my bus conversion since 2006, right after I had the bus repowered to a Cummins 450HP ISM. I currently run the VMSpc with Version 3.0, Build 1. During recent trips, I have found some of the data displayed fluctuate consistently, up and down, usually by more than 10%. Some of the gauges are stable, those being oil pressure, coolant and oil temps, miles, all the mileage (odometers), mpg, gph, cruise and speed. The ones that vary constantly as said above are: tach (rpm), turbo (boost), Power (HP), Torgue and Load (%). . I am using a ASUS netbook computer with Windows 7. Any help. What am I dealing with. I ruled out connection problems due to the stability of some data, but fluctuations of others. Could it be my Engine ECM? If so, what can be done about it? Thanks, Bill

Fuel Consumption reading does not record

Over the past few trips I have noticed that the Fuel reading in the Odometer gauge as well as the Tank Minder for my VMSpc software is not changing, even after traveling over 100 miles at times. It will occasionally update at random distances traveled but the most recent occurrences have been over 100 miles. The analog fuel gauge in the dash seems to be working fine. All other gauges in the VMSpc software are working fine. Any ideas or corrective measures would be appreciated. Wayne