VMSpc Engine Monitoring for PC.

v4.0.9 Software Feedback

Welcome to day-one for the new version.

4.0.9 changes and limited to a couple bug fixes and a couple goodies.

Fixes: (this list will be appended as I sort out effectiveness)

-- Found the bugs killing us on J1708. Fixed that.

-- Created 'Radial' (round) gauges. Choose *either* "New Simple Gauge" or "New Radial Gauge".

-- Added TST Tire Pressure Monitoring--with a new menu section "Settings" (under /Tires)

-- Added "Fill Tank(s)" --To save you clicks and time. I didn't ask for the (s) ...yet a real bonus! Only have one? Hmmm....

-- Packed Drivers (as part of install) VMSpc is supposed to be completely portable. Now, it truly is. When it installs, a device-drivers folder is included. This way, when you copy your whole shebang onto a thumb-drive, the drivers will go with--rather than hunting around or downloading it again later.

-- COM port/ Serial/ WiFi changes (causing a hang) is fixed as well. Sometimes the program would get stuck in a time-out which never ended (if the wrong/ missing jib was selected.)

The Sample Layouts folder are not packed into the new build. That is still in a separate folder for now. ...work ongoing....


Your post must contain the Type and Operating system of your PC. # Tablet/ notebook or other -and-
# XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10...
# Also, include your coach specs (year and engine-model)

Posts missing this may get ignored--as it makes for more work to try to discover this... -thank you. :-) -Art

VMSpc v4.0.8 is live!

v4.0.8 is part of a bug-fix trifecta

The new coaches--2017 and on--have the 500k data links with green Deutsch socket are moving a tremendous amount of data. However, the PC Jib has gone electrically unchanged since...what...2008(?) --since first build. Sure, we tweaked the firmware a little now and then but otherwise unchanged.

Turns out, we needed to change firmware, the internal clock** and PC program. Finding that combination was a bit tedious--yet, that is the sort of thing we specialize at here.

**For you electrical heads, that's specifically the 22Mhz crystal, or "rock" --which got bumped up to 30Mhz.

This bug fix combination is designed for this specific purpose. However, in older coaches, you may experience a knock-on effect in which your gauges smooth out. You may see they don't jump or spike. Be sure to give feedback if this is the case. I have my suspicions yet my budget doesn't allow for a 2008 Apex or other nice coach just for 'bug fixing.' Go figure.

Also, with this release is a non-program change in the form of more sample layouts. We tossed together some gauge layouts which, at some point, will make their way to the 'default' screen during install. The Clintons were still president when the last default gauge layout was established.. For now you'll need to move them over yourself. The ReadMe.txt instructions [Not painful, I promise!] are in the new folder (in the distro') called Sample Layouts

We'll make that more permanent once we get some feedback and know better what to pack into the next (installer) build.

Quick mention: Many of you have been giving good feedback which led to this build. Sometimes the feedback is hard to hear--but yet we needed that, too. One particular beta tester suffered through trying crazy tin-foil-cap cables, SW tweaks, more tweaks, more cables and finally a experimental jib, experimental FW and a modded program--all while being expected to keep copious notes. Hats off to Marty Weston--and should you ever cross paths with him, make sure he leaves well caffeinated. ;-)

v4.0.8 Software Add-list (current)

...........Adds Requested..........
Maybe these are blue-sky ideas. Weren't they all at one time?

a1. Drivers: During install, drop a '\Drivers' folder within c:\VMSpc. Otherwise, when migrating VMSpc folder to another PC, user must jump through some additional hoops, really needlessly, if that folder existed.

b1. Stacked Gauges: Add ability to select two or more gauges and lock together/ anchor one to the other, (Send Front, Send back)

2. Push Button: Top line; "FILL" (Tank) with pump nozzle symbol [reduce clicks]

3. Radio buttons: Top line; day/night, his/hers, Layout (toggles/changes to next layout scr.xml in folder.) with 'layout' symbol [reduce clicks]

4. Tabs, Layout: For alternate gauge layouts/ theme, Tabs across the top?

5. (Layout) Export: Via menu item [Layout, Export to...]

6. Background: Need (Right-Click) Properties, Wallpaper or Solid pre-canned / theme colors, Add Picture (Gauge).

7. All Gauges: Need add'l (Right-Click) Properties: Text Size ie. larger...smaller. Color options, too?

8. Gauge Moving: (alt+arrow) to move selected gauge. (arrow) jump from selected gauge to next one over. (shift+arrow) resize.

9. Histogram: Could sure use some sort of grid or flexible, usable reference lines. Start and End-Line with value (to show change)

10. Gauge Palate colors: Custom Colors (per gauge) are carrying over to (shared by) Night palate from Day. Should be independent of Night or Day.

10-b. Gauge Palate colors: Pin-8 headlight activation. Headlights-on activates night-palate. This is for the new hardware spin.

11. Communications: AutoRestart; checkbox is superfluous. Recode it so its always doing this; remove the check-box and dialog.

12. Diagnostics Gauge: Tire messages. We currently don't trap these in this gauge-tool. Can we start with and capture J1939 PressurePro Gateway, J1708 (Bridge) and (J1939) TST messages by building them into the parser?

13. Diagnostics Gauge: Audible Alarms. The user, currently, must set up the alarms per-fault. Why not have that part of the DIAGS gauge function; alarm on fault: Engine/Trans/ABS/Tires... Add to Properties box, alarm on RED fmi or tire messages. Add ability to cancel this alert , ,

14. See #12 (appended).

15. Name, Value and Warning Lamps: Currently, we have the Name and Value beside the Warning Lamp. On TPMS, its the pressure and lamp--both take more space than they need, reducing the size of all elements in order to see the bunch. Instead, lets put the Value IN the Lamp. The TPMS would then just be the Colored Lamp and embedded Value, resizing within it. This will make all gauge info easier and faster to digest.

16. Tires layout TPMS: They're squished. Lay up more vertically to match coach orientation? Selectable: Squished, Med or Normal?

17. Tank Minder: 1. Add a box for entering cost per gallon for Diesel along with gallons filled. 2. Add a summing-box for Cost-per-mile in Odometer gauge AND as a separate gauge.

18. Screen & Gauge Lock: Make the Full-Screen and Gauge-Lock able to be persistent after a reboot. Menu item this to prevent boot-loop lock-outs for the general pop.

19. TPMS Look and Feel: 1. Chooser for Rounded rectangles or traditional circles 2. Tire Pressure embedded inside, not below.

20. TPMS Trending: 1. If three psi samples (drop or increase) show carrot below (dropping) or above (climbing) the tire pressure value. 2. Menu item: (Tires) Reset Trending (to clear carrots ie. after checking tires.)

21. Alarms: Single-button "Alert" audible alarm feature in gauge properties. GUI "Sound Effects" pop-up then selects file or _records_from_local_mic_. Is there a way to show time-length of selected file?

22. Clock: Add ability to select 12hr or 24hr clock.

23. Regen Status: We don't parse it; Can we add this for both J1708 and J1939? [Caller with J1708, Cat C-9 sees this on the ECU readout at CAT.]

24. Engine Corrections: Variables; Add Reset button to Multiplier, Offset and Buffer Size. Allow an easier do-over.

25. Engine Corrections: Odometer PID; Progy only allows 244 and 245 anyway; change this to two radio-buttons with brief dialog below each, such as DDEC-II pre-revision-154 or DDEC-II rev-154, J1708, J1939 and J1939-II.

26. New Simple Gauge: PAC Brake status; "...It would be nice to have a on/off gauge for the exhaust brake...."

27. Requesting PIDs: Add ability to request PIDs for different MIDs.

28. Gauge Option: Color spot 'Warning Lamp' is optional, how about making the surrounding frame optional? Make the Warning Lamp a circle only (yet with the same (rt-click) options.

29. Reset MAX: MAX gauges need a reset. Otherwise they just keep climbing and so produce either negligible help or irritation.

30. Gauge Borders: Request to make borders match the Custom Color of the gauge. Gives a smooth borderless tile look (Win8 +)

31. Auto Save: Current gauge layout auto-saves each change which mostly works fine. But, it wreaks havok if trying a couple things or switching layouts. You must first save the current layout as a different name and try to leave a clean copy. Better to have this selectable as (Layout)... (Auto Save)
[No complaints yet...but I find it frustrating. -Art]

32. Pre-canned 'event' icons: Currently we have a color-spot for grn/amb/red--which is helpful. A recent user (Matt! ;-) added some home-brew icons which are static; always visible. Is it possible to have a group of pre-canned icons which appear logically? ie. Low oil pressure means the pre-selected icon will be active. Can the icon be dragable, in that, they may be added as their 'own gauge?'--not necessarily part of the oil pressure box, but can be placed anywhere. This would be handy for having a batch of these maybe all together; along the top or something.

33. Pre-Drive Checklist: It went missing after v1.34. Add to Top Line menu (Thanks Mike!)

34. Diags Gauge is nameless: A user has reported this as hard to find and strongly recommended a Title. This should follow other gauges in this way.

Allison Transmissions

"Transmission Oil Temperature" is supported on J1708/J1587 Allison 3000/4000 Series Transmissions built before 1998.

"Transmission Oil Temperature and Gear Selected/Gear Obtained" are supported on J1708/J1587 Allison 3000/4000 Series Transmissions built from 1998 to 2005.

In 2005, Allison changed the electronics in the 3000/4000 Series Transmissions to ONLY support J1939, which VMSpc does not support.

It is my understanding that in 2008, Allison has added back in the J1708/J1587 support to their 3000/4000 Series Transmissions.

Allison 2000 Series Transmissions are non electronic, and do not support J1708/J1587 or J1939.

Warning Colors for MPG Gages

What the "Recent MPG" and "Rolling MPG" look like in the Parameter Editor.

What the "Recent MPG" and "Rolling MPG" will look like after you change them in the Parameter Editor.

What the "Recent MPG" and "Rolling MPG" look like in VMSpc, after the changes in the Parameter Editor.

Built-in computer dashboard

The enhanced understanding of my motorhome’s operation I gained by using VMSpc on my laptop was so great that I undertook building a dedicated system into my 1996 Safari Serengeti. I picked the VIA SP13000 mini-itx motherboard since this would make a compact installation and would provide the ability to display the VMSpc data as well as GPS data and rear view camera data.

In addition to the motherboard I purchased a M1ATX power supply that is designed to power a computer from a 12V DC supply, a 100 MB laptop hard drive, a DVD R/W, a WXGA 15.5” LCD display and a Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-150 TV converter. The VIA SP13000 has pretty capable video and sound chips as well as a wide assortment of I/O ports including a serial port for the VMSpc. I didn’t want to deal with a USB to serial converter. To lessen the vibration input to the system I mounted the computer on a plywood base which I isolated from the motorhome with a soft foam suspension system. I replaced the existing dashboard with one I fabricated from 1/8” aluminum with the display occupying the entire center section. I chose to retain the speedometer, fuel, oil pressure and turbo boost steam gages and put them on the side as backup in case of a computer failure somewhere down the road. Since I had to fabricate the new dashboard I elected to include a Smart Tire system and a variable speed wiper control. I also included a switch and indicator lamps for the computer power and hard drive activity. I installed the DVD in the dash as well as RJ-45 LAN and USB ports. The USB port allows me to plan a trip on my laptop and transfer it to the dashboard for display. I am an active digital photographer so I included a CF card reader for dumping photos into the computer. I installed a track ball on the console beside the driver seat and use a wireless keyboard for setup or if I want to use the computer when we are in camp. The Hauppauge unit includes a remote and lets me display TV and record video on the hard drive to give a “TIVO” capability. I have made provisions for driving a remote display. I intend to remove the existing TV and replace it with a flat panel monitor driven by the computer. Sound data is passed to a Panasonic radio and amplifier system. Internet access is via hot spots and a Linksys wireless router into the RJ-45 port. I also had to purchase a new rear view camera as the original one did not provide a mirror image and the computer did not have enough capability to flip it.

I purchased some wood veneer which I used to cover the aluminum dash. Since the new dash is almost three inches taller than the old one I had to fabricate a new cover for the dash. I used aluminum and fiberglass to build it and covered it with foam and vinyl. Without question this was the hardest part of the installation. The cover provides a small sun shield. The display washes out somewhat in direct sunlight but is still quite readable. For night driving I reverse the streets colors and turn the display brightness down.

I am running Windows XP Home as the OS with VMSpc 2.2, WinTV and Street Atlas which I just recently upgraded to 2007. I have arranged the VMSpc data across the top and down the right side of the screen. Street Atlas 2007 fits beneath and to the left of the VMSpc data. I run the WinTV always on top but with no controls visible and have positioned the window over a non-critical part of the Streets display.

I originally provided a relay system that would power the computer up when the key was turned on or by a switch on the panel. I have since disabled the key activation and just turn it on before I start up the engine. The display runs from 12 V DC. I wasn’t able to get any data on allowable input voltage range so I regulate the voltage to the panel to 12V to make sure I am not supplying to high of a voltage to it. I am running the computer from the house batteries to avoid any transients from the starter. I have had the system installed for over a year and 7000 miles now and the only problem to date has been a faulty hard drive cable. I had used the circular cables rather than the flat ones but switched to the flat ones after the failure.

I have attached photos of the installation and the screen layout. My only regret is that I waited so long to do it.

Adding a 7" monitor to the laptop to display the VMSpc software is a success.

I have successfully added a 7" LCD monitor to my laptop to display the VMSpc software. The wife used the laptop screen to use the GPS software and I didn't want to "infringe" on her space. The 7" VGA monitor worked great using the dual monitor option in Windows XP.

Now I have a seperate monitor on my side to continually display the VMS, the picture quality is great, and I can monitor all of the related gauges without taking my eyes too far away from the line of sight while driving. I mounted the 7" LCD screen on the top left corner of my dash display.

Pictures are available on request!


Cruise Status for VMSpc 2.x Step-by-Step setup

Cruise Status for VMSpc 2.x Step-by-Step setup
(Originaly Posted on 25-JAN-2003, by Herb Petersen)

I assume most of you use the Cruise gauge to tell you what speed the Cruise Control is set at.
Here is a little enhancement you may wish to try.

Enter the VMS Edit program.
Hit New.

Call the new guage "Cruise Status".
I call the abbreviation "CS".
Set the PID to 85.
Set Gauge Minimum to 0.
Set Low Red Line to 1.
Set High Red Line to 150.
Set Gauge Max to 150.
Set Low Yellow to 2.
Set High Yellow to 150.
Save the settings.

Start the VMSpc program.

Make a new Simple Guage.
Select Cruise Status.
Select location as Center.
Check only the Show Warning Lamp, box.
Set the color to Black.

Size the guage so all you see is the round indicator lamp in the square.

Place this square next to your Cruise Guage.

Now, when the Cruise Control is turned OFF, the guage will be RED.
When the Cruise Control is ON and active it will be GREEN.
When the Cruise Control is ON but NOT active it will be YELLOW.



Herb Petersen
608-538-3394 home
414-403-7747 cell


MarkO re-posting Herb Petersen

Mark D. Overholser
Engineering Technician
SilverLeaf Electronics Inc.
2472 Ferry Street SW
Albany, OR 97322

541-967-8988 (fax)
( http://www.simply-smarter.com/ )

The Odometer Mucker-Upper

Here is a little tool for editing a trip odometer file. This program lets you adjust the starting point for your current trip - even allowing you to create a "trip" that is the entire coach history.

To use it, you first must figure out the name of the trip odometer file. Right-click on the odometer, then click "View History". At the top of the history file window will be the name of the history file, something like "Odo31415926.odo.txt". Remember that name.

Next, start OdometerEditor.exe, and open the file with the same name you just remembered, but without the ".txt" extension. The program will then show you the starting point for the current trip leg on that odometer. You can adjust those values however you like.

For example, to create an odometer that shows your totals and averages since the coach was born, simply set all the start values (fuel, time, and miles) to zero. That's all you have to do.

To install the program, just download it into your VMSpc directory. That's all. To run the program, click on the Start menu, select "Run ..." or "Run Program", click Browse, and browse to the VMSpc directory and click on the program icon/name.

Always on top?

Is there a way to set up the VMSpc screen so that it is always on top of the screen? Every time I click on my Delorme GPS map, the VMSpc screen disappears. Thanks, Larry

Microsoft Go and VMSpc

Will VMSpc run on the Surface GO since it would need a Snapdragon processor driver? My old 10" Surface is acting like its about to bite the dust. A newer SurfacePro is too large to use.

Dual monitors on Windows 10 with CoPilot and SilverLeaf.

Hi Art;
I saw someone has done this earlier but thought you may want to use this photo anyway.
The plan is to use a Samsung Galaxy View 18" screen for my backup camera, security (4) cameras and your engine monitor. What I show now is just a test for a second monitor as I don't plan to use the TV.

I have used the program "OBD Fusion" for IPhone for many years on my van, truck and car. Their graphics for dash gauges are worth looking at as a future goal. Just a thought!

I use your software for 7K miles a year and used it to easily prove the benefit of having installed my homemade air scoop on my motorhome (plus 0.6 MPG). I can't say enough good things about your software. The photo shows my screen layout and the details I use.

I am now in the process of buying and installing a PDQPerformance module on my 2005 C7 Cat engine and will continue to use your software to justify any performance and economy gains.
Wishing I could connect pyro terminals to your control box. Another future goal?
Keep up the excellent work. Murray Sweet.

VMSpc Downloads

The New version [To be renamed v4.1] is ON HOLD pending a patch. Seems we broke the Odometer. oops. ...And the Tank Minder. Version 4.0.8, J1708 bugs and all, is still available below (for now).

## Beta Testers may download v4.1 (for Win7~10) from here: --With the understanding that the Odometer Gauge and Tank Minder gauges are in-work (broken.) Do not give feedback on those. Not available (as a Beta) for WinXP.##

Even if you don't have the VMSpc Cables and Hardware you can still install and try out the software. You can see for yourself how easy it is to customize VMSpc to your tastes. And when you are ready to "go live", give us a call at (888) 741-0259 and we'll set you up with everything else you need.

Software upgrades are always free and no log-in is required. When in doubt: Read the manual.


Diagnostic ports vary greatly across the spread of coach-builds and years. Find yours and have a good look at it before you call. Refer to the Connector Document to identify what the Diagnostic sockets look like. Its regretful that, for this reason alone, we're not able to have an online store.

To start a fresh installation, download the latest "Distribution Disk," below. However, when first prompted, Open it (don't download it) --save/copy the Folder it contains to a place on your PC you can find easily, such as c:\ or your Desktop.

Install the drivers by Opening 'Install_Drivers.exe' Once the driver Software has completed, Install program from that same folder (ex: "Distribution_Disk_v4.0.x"). Reboot, open the VMSpc program with that new desktop shortcut, select your specific engine (when prompted). The first time opening you'll need to confirm that communications are set; USB JIB etc. Follow the manual on this--not too difficult. Need a hand? Call and we can walk you through.

If you are having difficulty Installing VMSpc v4.x, please refer to our All Versions Frequently Asked Questions Page for further information.

Be sure to give a call if you get stuck or need clarification.

Need an engine calibration file not on the list? Look here: Engine Calibration Files New engines are added on an as-needed basis for the most part...

VMSpc Downloads

Uograded to 4.0.8 . now gauge updates hang

so it had been 2 years since i got my VMSpc.. and ive cruised this little shirt bus all over the place.. well the bus was getting some upgrades, so i thought it right to check for updates on the VMSpc...

I updated to 4.0.8, and find that the screen frequently hangs... my gauges work for a few seconds then hang for 20 or 30 seconds then work again, repeat..

going back to 4.0.5. and all works perfectly again.

im using my same layout file for both.

so it brings up some questions..

1. when I first got the VMS I noted that some parameters dont show up.. namely PID 164 which is my ICP (HPOP on the T-444E).. however every other scan tool i use shows it up.. I had noticed in the later notes for the software here that noted are fixing parameters not showing up.. any chance 164 is getting in there??

it appears PID 164 is sent as a second parameter in a multi-set.. what it seems is that the VMS only reads single parameter sets..

I even wrote a program of my own which I was able to read 164 out of the stream.. yeah its important.. for us HEUI engine users..

2. are there firmware updates in the last 2 years for my VMSpc "box" and if so, how do I get them?

3. I also noticed on 4.0.8 that a clock ends up super-imposed over the area where mt DTC codes are supposed to show (if i have any).. I have my clock at the top of the screen, how do I get rid of that one? it doesnt do that on 4.0.5

4. is there a way ti set up the VMS to do a custom Poll for PID;s that may not be sent in the normal continuous stream? noted in the J1708 spec are PID;s that are by request and I want to snag those .. when I use the program I wrote i can tell it to grab the data for any PID i wish. (im using a different device. {a raw J1708/J1939 commdevice} so of course id rather ise the VMS because I have the nice GUI screens!.


C-12 Jake Brake Gauge

Hi Art,

In setting up my screen display for my C-12 425 with an Allison HD4060, I have a question regarding the two-stage Jake. Is it the same as the Hydraulic engine brake? Or The Retarder?

In testing, it does not show the status. Can you clarify this?

Thank you.


Bill B

Diagnostic codes

I took my first trip with the new VMSpc installed an I am more than happy with it...but I'm a big ol' geek anyway.
I'm having some gps issues but that's for a different forum.

I was getting some weird diagnostic codes and a can NOT seem to figure these out.....see below.

Any help would be appreciated. I have downloaded a few different CAT code lists but can't see to sort this out.

1998 CAT 3126 300HP

Diagnostic History File
Feel free to add notes to this file, but do not move or delete.
ENG SID 120 77 UNKNOWN COMPONENT Low Reading 10/21/18 10:42
ENG PID 184 32 Instantaneous Fuel Economy High Reading 10/21/18 11:38
ENG SID 184 45 UNKNOWN COMPONENT Low Reading 10/21/18 12:47
ENG SID 184 88 UNKNOWN COMPONENT Bad Program 10/23/18 12:13
ENG SID 184 30 UNKNOWN COMPONENT Special Error 10/23/18 17:14

VMSpc 4.0.9 Release: Now with Round Gauges and a TST Interface (Upcoming)

VMSpc Demo

NOTE - the new version of VMSpc is upcoming, and will include many new features, such as round gauges and an interface for TST. It is currently in development and will be released as soon as we have a stable version!

v4.0.8 Software Feedback [Closed] See v4.0.9 Feedback

Last day for this version, a release which fixed the high volume data issue that new-coach (2017+)owners were experiencing yet still had J1708 issues. Thanks for the feedback--but its time to move onto what I expect will be a very pleasant experience: v4.0.9.

JR500 J1708. interface

I am attempting to install and use my old JR500 J1708 JIB on a new tablet. It is a Asus 10.1 (T100HA). I am using my HA005 harness 12pin that came with my unit. The new Asus does not have a full size usb type A port only a usb type C so I bought an adapter. When I try to locate the JIB connection it is not highlighted in "Blue" as it says in the instructions. I installed the newest version of the VMSpc software instead of the older one I had been using could this be a problem?

Power and Torque gauges not reporting V3d

Using V3 on my Cummins ISC 315. Two of the gauges Power and Torque are not reporting. Have been using without issue for well over a year. Any idea why they no longer report?

VMSpc for 2008 Allegro Bus

New user. My coach runs on a freightliner chassis with 425hp ISL Cummins. On my last trip my check light came on and ended up at a freightliner service. It would be nice to know what was wrong while out in the middle of nowhere. I have the following questions;

1 Will this product identify the codes for me?
2 Does anybody know if this works on my coach or has problems getting it to work?
3 What connector do I need? I can go fine out but it would be nice if someone knows off the top of there head.

Thanks for any help

2017 Cummins - Exhaust Temps?

I assume the exhaust system has a temp sensor in it to ensure the emissions system is working properly. If correct, is this something that VMSpc can access?

Difference between DDEC and 6 pin

I have the VMSpc with the 6 pin usb connector that I used with my Cummins 400 motor. I have now have a Detroit Diesel 515hp and noticed that there is a DDEC version module. Can I use the 6 pin I have or do I need a new wire or module??

I do have my 6 pin version installed and it seems like everything works - except the speed jumps all over the place

VMSpc Not logging all data in newest version

I’ve used VMSpc for years and, since the last update, it’s never been worse. Instant and rolling mileage identical, only the mileage records on two separate odometers, nothing else, and oil temp reads zero.

Anyone else experience this?
I contacted Art but he hasn’t gotten back to me.

Cruise control troubleshooter

Under the Standard VMS features you list cruise control troubleshooting.
Is that possible on the VMS-PC version? It would help me out a lot.

Just being able to see if the ECM is getting any kind of a brake signal would help


Hi All,

I'd like to hear from anyone who has successfully merged VMSpc and PressurePro tire sensors.

Currently, I'm running VMSpc, using J1708 into a serial-JIB. Works Great, no problems.

Separately, I'm running the RV-Towed version of PressurePro (i.e. Model: APM1, Series: RVBPM16-RS232, Serial: 24059).
I'm running 6 sensors for the coach, 4 sensors for the Towed, and have 2 sensors for each of the spare tires).
It works fine, however, it is a real pain to scroll through - to see each individual tire pressure. So I can't do that while driving!


So what I need, is something that can listen to the PressurePro sensors (or connect to my receiver) and then input the tire data into the JIB. According to Art, "Advantage PressurePro" USED to make a separate J1708 bridge-unit?
But I don't know the model number.. or exactly how it worked? (Maybe it just replaces my current PressurePro receiver - or who knows??)

This is why I'd like to hear from someone who actually did it. Then maybe - I can start a hunt, for the used hardware.

Thanks All,


My motorhome has a 12 pin Allison Diagnostic plug under the dash, I cannot find any other plug there. Using google I found a product called VMSPC12 at RVUPGRADES, would that one connect directly into the 12 pin plug in my RV?

Is RVUPGRADES an authorized dealer of Silverleaf products and carries same warranty and support as provided those who purchase directly from Silverleaf?

Does Silverleaf have a 12 pin version on their web site and I just missed it?



Histogram does not show any trends.

I have a VMSpc running on my coach. Everything works well except for the Histogram

I have 6 items on my Histogram and I know that all get valid data because they all work on other gauges and I am using a bar graph as a legend which shows the readings. However, on the Histogram, the trends/lines just stay on the bottom and do not respond to show the values of the actual parameters selected.

I am using an HP laptop with detachable screen so that it acts like a tablet. It is running Windows 10. I have not had any other issues with the laptop and there is sufficient memory available.

Can anyone help me solve this problem???

Loosing connection

I have the Silverleaf TM-501 USB JIB and I get no data sometimes. It is h/w 1.0 s/w 1.09.... If I unplug the Jib at the 6 pin connector for a little while (1/2 minutes) it might work again, but not always. Is my JIB going bad???


Persistent Bug

Greetings all. I really want to like v4, but I am still not seeing the gear selected.

2015 Tiffin Allegro Bus 45LP
Powerglide Chassis
Cummins ISL9 450 HP built 1/2015

Windows 10 Home & Professional
Acer Iconia W700, Intel Core i5-3337U CPU @ 1.80 GHz (Win Home)
Dell Inspiron 17-7779, Intel Core i7-7500U CPU @ 2.70 GHz (Win Pro)


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