Managing Data Logs

I was looking over the data logs to see where they were stored and how to manage them. I see some have a capability to clear the log and some don't. The odometer gauge has a log and the instructions are not to move or delete the log. How would I get rid of data no longer needed? If I deleted an odometer gauge would its data be deleted? I see where the raw log is located but not how to view it.

How the log files work.

If you look in your VMSpc directory using the Windows Explorer, you'll see that odometer creates a ".odo" file, and for every ".odo" file there is also a ".txt" file. (You may need to set Explorer to display file extensions to see this.)

The .odo files record the actual odometer data, the .txt files record the history. You can double-click on the .txt files and view and edit them with Notepad if you like. You can simply delete unused files using Explorer - but the files are small and in this era of near-terabyte hard drives it hardly is necessary.

A Raw Log is not directly viewable. We have some special programs to translate and analyze those files. If you want to record data and review the engine performance use the Data Log feature, which creates a ".csv" file that most spreadsheets can read.


I just like to control data storage though the days of conserving storage space is really over. One reason to delete data is to get rid of miscellaneous data that might be confusing as to its origin. It looks like I can also delete odometer history by right clicking the odometer, view history which brings up the notepad. Then just delete the data. I expect that an entire data set must be deleted to prevent a partial set confusing the program.

Jim Walker
Northern Virginia

Feel free to edit the history however you wish.

You can edit the history file in any way you like. This is handy for putting in notes - destination, fuel costs, etc.. Subsequent trips are merely appended to the file.