new installation

I'm going to install the VMSpc in my 1999 Allegro Bus with the Cummins ISC 330 HP engine. How can I order online, what is the cost, and is there a downloadable installation manual so I can review it before the purchase? Thanks. Jim C....


You can download the manuals as part of the whole software package in the VMSpc Downloads section. The installation is straightforward. On the coach side you simply plug in the cable. On the PC side you run the Add Hardware Wizard and the VMSpc installation software, pretty much like any other new piece of hardware you buy for your PC. VMSpc is $395.00.

VMS 300 used as replacement for aladdin in 2004 monaco camelot

For some reason our aladdin video coach monitor with the joy sticks has quit working and I was wondering if the VMS 300 has all the readings the old monitor had and if the plugs were compatable on both units? Also what is the cost of the VMS 300 and does it have installion instructions with it? Thanks Raymond B.

re: Aladdin Replacement

Hello Jane and Ray

See, just to the left, the "Aladdin Replacement" page which should answer most of that.

The major components are built and wired differently--as most of our equipment goes into new coaches at the factory. As a side-effect, we can and do adapt a collection of our tools and selected others to replace the system as a whole. That's an ability though only as an 'aside.'

We supply a couple special cables for easier rewiring at the dash, otherwise, most the wiring in place is re-tasked for the Silverleaf system. The Aladdin plug system does not match conventional "RV-C" wiring or our wiring which expands on that.

As you know, RV-C is the standard of communication the interconnected units use to exchange or broadcast information to you, the owner. Unlike the walled-garden of the Aladdin, RV-C system is ubiquitous among the manufacturers to ensure longevity. In the end, the needed cables are re-pinned and re-tasked.

Next, jump over to the Aladdin section and read on...



VMSPC software installation on PC made easy?

I bought the VMSPC Kit circa 2006. Time to install in a new to me coach. I am an Apple guy. I bought a android pc. Is their a simple way to install the software? A site with step by step steps? Every exercise file says no application found, what?

PC = Personal Computor (Windows)

Good morning Steve

The VMCpc is a PC (Microsoft Windows) based device.
The instructions on our site and in the manual relate the Operating systems required--which is most anything from XP-to-Win10. We're pretty clear, everywhere this product is mentioned, that its only Windows.

Those 'Step by Steps can be found in the manual --Downloads section (look over to your left...) which has the latest manuals and documentation.

You may port our program through your Mac book using Fusion or Parallels; many do. When doing so, most use a portable XP or Win-7 flavor.