Allison selector

It appears that a lot or maybe all of the new Allison selector pads are now supplied with the dual window instead of the single window. I read in a previous post where the new version will not provide any transmission info to the VMSpc, is that still correct? If so in the near future the problem will get worse as new coaches roll off the line. Is it possible that the program could incorporate a couple of files, one for the single window and the other for the double window? Kind of like you have written in the different engine files.

Ted Bryan

Unfortunately, it isn't just a software thing.

Allison, as is their wont, decided to abandon the J1587/J1708 data standard that has been used in the industry for over a decade, and is the basis of VMSpc. They do support J1939, a newer standard, and eventually we will introduce a J1939 version of VMSpc. However, at the moment a J1939 version is premature. The engines are implementing it incompletely, and we would lose some key features (like effective trip odometers). When J1939 is a little more mature we'll introduce a VMSpc for it.

(Our in-dash products support both protocols. That's one reason they cost a bit more.)