Logging flag

Hi, I have been using the VMSpc for over a year now and love it, particularly the logging function. I have used it on many an occassion to document issues with the coach to help the manufacturer trouble shoot heating issues for example.

My question is this:

Can you add a flag that displays whether or not the logging function is enable or disabled? Many times I forget to turn it off or upon departure cannot remember if I turned it on forcing me to go to the dialogs rather than setting a display flag to remind me in either case.

That seems like a simple enough idea.

I think we can fit that into the next build.

Thanks for taking that into

Thanks for taking that into consideration. Seems simple to me as well.

When might we expect the next build?

05 Country Coach Inspire

I never know.

It depends so much on our workload around here. Most of our projects are for coach builders that have set deadlines. We work on VMSpc in the quiet times between big projects. So the schedule is rather random.

Data Logging

I asked many years ago it the Data Logging could be defaulted "ON."
AS - when stopping for fueling it often in the rush of getting out of the way for the next rig ot get to the pump - I forget to take the time to turn it on again. The Reply was "we will look at that in the next revision."

We looked at it . . .

... and decided against it. I'll revisit the decision with the next cycle, but last time around it "missed the cut". To get it right involves a little more programming that it might first appear, and we decided to spend some of that programming time on other features. It's still on the list for future consideration.