Serial Port JIB connection fail

Just received kit. Installed cables. I keep getting failed between JIB and PC. Green lite on steady, red lite flashing. If there is a lite in the serial to USB cable, it is not lit. I purchased new cables in case that was the problem, no success. I tried two different laptops. I am using the correct com port. What gives. Could it be a malfunctioning JIB? Am very disappointed since I hoped to be using the system today!

Let's go through this one step at a time.

We're going to start things up one step at a time, and as we go we'll check our progress.

1. Reboot or start up the laptop. Open the "Device Manager". (i.e. go into the Control Panel, click on System, click on the Hardware tab, click on Device Manager.) Look at the Ports that are listed.

2. Plug in the USB adapter, *just* the adapter, not the JIB itself. The port should appear in the Device Manager list, and you should be able to see the port address (e.g. "COM4").

3. Start the VMSpc program, and select the appropriate port in the Communications menu. It should respond with "Starting", then after a few seconds, "Failure between JIB and PC".

4. Plug in the JIB and turn the key on. The red light on the JIB should be flashing rapidly. Data should begin showing up on the laptop.

The order of these steps is important. The most common sources of failure are:

1. If you plug in the JIB before starting the VMSpc program, Windows will interpret the engine data as a Microsoft Mouse, with unpredictable results.

2. Other programs sometimes highjack the port. Programs that have an "autodetect" feature are frequent culprits, including some GPS programs. They are smart enough to detect the port, but not smart enough to realize that it isn't GPS data coming through it.

There are other possibilities, of course. Try this out, and let me know how it goes.