Touchpad quit working

I have one touchpad that quit working. The back light still illuminate if the actual lights are on or off but you cannot control the light from that touchpad. Any thoughts?

re: Touchpad

If you're speaking of the 5" HMS360/365 touch panel, then, read on...

There could be several origins of the problem; it would depend if this is a touch-panel HMS360/365 in an American coach or Newmar...or Foretravel...

Each may have a different cause of this.

If this is a Newmar coach, the touch panel may need to be "rescripted" or have some settings change if the other touch-panel is otherwise working correctly or if the wall switches otherwise work. It may mean a call to us to sort out the proper settings which you could then tap in while we walk you through.

If us... Similar answer as above.

If American, its likely the American Technologies interface or our connection to it. Reboot the whole system, in this single case, with the House Battery Disconnect. Ensure, once power is removed, that the American Tech and Silverleaf equipment is dark--OFF. This sometimes happens and is some times corrected while a fresh start.



Thanks Art, I'll try it

Thanks Art, I'll try it tomorrow.


Thanks Art, I'll try it tomorrow.


In reading your reply I think you're referring to the main touchscreen? The touchpad I'm referring to is a 6 button control.

This is an American Coach and

This is an American Coach and the stand alone 6 button touchpad did come back after a dark-off restart.