Microsoft Go and VMSpc

Will VMSpc run on the Surface GO since it would need a Snapdragon processor driver? My old 10" Surface is acting like its about to bite the dust. A newer SurfacePro is too large to use.

re: Snapdragon and other processors

Hello Monte
The CPU isn't really important--though we have seen some work differently than others. The i3 annd i5 processors in the Surface seem to run warmer than a simple Atom cpu seen in the less exspensive tablets.

Its a bit paradoxical--however, a $100 RCA tablet works as well or better than the $500 Surface. Your guide is still the needed full-sized USB port. Thats really the most needed detail in a 10" or any tablet.



Microsoft Go

I have been using the MS Go with version 3.1 software on an 2015 Dutch Star with LS9 Cummins engine.
It generally runs well. The "transmission gear selected" is blank. Cruise control status just flips around.
Odometer and tank minder picked up garbage at one time, but it has not repeated.