Warning circle for gages


Would it be possible to make a circular warning ring?
I attached an example of how it could be used.
It should activate for the parameters that are checked off in a box so it only covers the items you want to monitor.

More of a central warning thing than an individual one.

It should have a circular border too rather than the square like the current warning lamps

tk-vms-green.JPG62.36 KB
tk-vms-red.JPG62.95 KB

re: Warning ring

The coder indicates this is actually more like his current gauge (in process) than not.

I don't have any artwork to upload--but in a few words, its an arc of green (or other status color). If within normal, green; warning/ amber or stop/red. We're getting away from having all three colors on the same path--as currently seen in the graphing function.

There will be a gap for a couple weeks--but will be back at it shortly.