New Tablet

Hi Art,

Bought a NuVision 8" Windows 10 Tablet. VMSpc installs ok and runs.
However, when selecting communications and scanning for jib it freezes and becomes non-responsive.
Reinstalled it a few times. No change.

Any ideas?

re: freezes

Sounds like a hardware problem.

Hello Mike
What I understand you saying is, that, when tasked to find the Jib on the USB, it hangs. We see this on SurfacePro III tablets, too.

The workaround is to manually change the COM port of the jib to a significantly higher number.

On the SurfacePro, it seems that while COM-3 is available, its not really unused. So when the Jib tries to actually use the resources, it competes and hangs the whole deal. Your tablets signs are similar--enough so that I'd try the same workaround.

Within Device Manager, under PORTS COM and LPT, one can see the entry for the jib, usually COM-3, 4 or 5. Go into its properties there and change that to something larger, try 42; you could try anything from 13 to 99 however.

Save and close the Device Manager. Reboot the tablet using the Windows shutdown/ reboot/ sleep options. [Some folks struggle with figuring that out and so just power off the unit.] This may have an adverse use the menu option for rebooting.

Hope this helps


Hi Art, Tried what you

Hi Art,

Tried what you suggested and everything else that I knew. No joy. Same issue.

Went out and bought another windows 10 tablet. Same exact issue.
This one is a Nextbook 8 with Atom Z3735G processor.

Checked the devices and it shows a vmspc virtual serial port as com4. Tried changing to random ports with high numbers (42). Power cycled and test again.

Still hangs with selecting communications "port", selecting "JS501
USB", or "Scan for Jib". Window title shows (Not Responding). Need task manager to kill the process.

Any other suggestions?

I should mention that my

I should mention that my existing 7" tablet works fine. Just shuts down when it gets slightly warm. Mostly caused by heat from the sun.

also, If you only click on

also, If you only click on scan for jib (nothing else) it shows the jib and com port. High lite it then click OK and it hangs.

Android based with bluetooth?

Art - I see references to BT & Android on your site about VMS products but don't find them anywhere. Please show the path.
There are BT "dongles" available but none seem to paired with any app for the VMS. I