VMS440 In-Dash Vehicle Monitor

Quite simply, the most amazing VMS yet. Get the full suite of gauges and features in brilliant color - and a lot more besides. The VMS 440 CL also is a digital video monitor, and it can combine video and VMS information in extraordinarily useful ways.

VMS 440 for web.jpg

Like all the VMS products, the VMS 440 CL displays all your temperatures and pressures, performance information, trip information, and diagnostics. But it uses a gorgeous full-color display - the brightest of its kind - to enhance its utility.

And that is just the beginning. The VMS 440 CL also contains a powerful digital video processor that allows it to take any source of video input - from a GPS or camera, for example - and size it, scale it, and place it anywhere on the screen. It can instantly switch from a full-screen view to a windowed view - and it can display VMS data at the same time.

The VMS 440 CL can accept up to four video inputs, and switch between them either automatically or at a touch of a button. Each input is separately adjusted for perfect hue and contrast. This opens up a whole new world of options for your dash.

Problem: You want a VMS, but you wanted it mounted in the dash and there is just no room.
Solution: If you have a conventional video monitor, replace it with the VMS 440 CL. The VMS 440 CL is compatible with almost all cameras, and you can still watch your tow car while watching your VMS gauges.

Problem: You want to be able to watch your GPS, tow car, and VMS at the same time.
Solution: Use the VMS 440 to monitor either the GPS or the rear camera. This is particularly effective with the rear camera - a small window in the VMS 440 CL is ample to show the tow car and the cars in the adjacent lanes.

Problem: You want two cameras in one monitor.
Solution: The VMS 440 can be programmed to automatically switch from one camera to the other every few seconds, or a touch of a button switches the image. It can also automatically go to the full screen mode when the coach is put in reverse - perfect for your rear camera. And each camera signal is independently adjusted for brightness, saturation, and hue, so the image always looks great.

Like all VMS displays, the VMS 440 CL provides all the accurate readings from the engine and transmission, including the plain-language diagnostics, performance gauges, trip information, maintenance tracking, and more. It supports all our accessories, and is just as easy to install. All this for $1995. Take a look (in the column to the left of here) under Downloads the 'Other Files' section. In there is the document showing dimensions needed for the cutout.