v4.0.6 Software Bug-list (Current)

Fixes need in next release:

1. Default Databus J1939 On install, instead of 'Both' selected (Databus for Troubleshooting) The J1939 is selected. This appears then to not work for those with older J1708/ J1587 coaches.
Fixed: this was resolved with releasing a bugfixer "B" version; 4.0.6b.

2. Missing data, J1708, ~2000 era engines and newer On ISC-370, ISL-370 and ISM-450 we're missing Torque and Horsepower. [This was broken in 4.x and only noted just now. ISL-370 worked on 4.0.5]

3. Retarder Gauge Retarder Switch (Hydraulic) always reads "error".

4. Install Issue Legacy option to "install in a different directory" needs to be removed. The pointers are broken; better to maintain the same folder hierarchy for consistent installs.

5. Retarder Status values lost Engine Retarder Status = "off" when exhaust brake off; reads "error" when exhaust brake is working. These values (under 121) ARE ZEROS. [Art is building the table for this and others.]

6. Spiking Gauges Instantaneous MPG occasionally reads "256". Less often so does rolling MPG. J1708 ISL-370

7. 2017 and Trans Gauge On Freightliner J1939-II (500kb) coaches, the gear attained works but not the gear selected. (v1.13 jib)

8. 2017, Freightliner and ABS Error code "ENG SPN 639 5 J1939 Data Link, Low Current" is thrown with specific combination of hard/ software:
1. v1.13 jib
2. 2017+ Freightliner chassis
3. after a few hours of engine running

9. 2017, Freightliner and Odometers "...hit and miss. Sometimes they work, and then after a reset they are just stuck at zero and count no info at all." (v1.13 jib)

10. Diags messages lost Owner reports that only about 10% of messages make it to the History list. CAT engine, unknown coach/ year/ databus.

11. Road Speed Jumps --up and down from 2mph at about 30 and 6mph at 65.
(2008 Safari CAT C7 350)

12. Cruise status toggles When cruise is off, toggles to On or Set randomly. (2008 Safari CAT C7 350)

13. Chicken Dance Fail "...if you remove the default audio alert and chicken dance audio file you must reinstall the software to get it to start again..."