Odometer not recording miles, time, fuel mileage for trips.

V4.0.6 newly installed on W7 PC. Upgraded from a v3.?? And XP.

No recording/reporting of miles, time or mileage on odometer gauge. I believe the last thing I changed was my engine file; went to Cummins ISC 380HP from whatever was a default. I think, based on .txt log file, that it was working.

Any ideas of what's wrong??

I just deleted the odometer and tank minder, saved the layout and reinstalled the tank midge and odometer. Not sure if it's working yet but "time" doesn't seem to change (increment) with app running but engine off. I thought my old version did that.

re: No Odometer

Hello Dawg
I have a couple ideas--depends on year of engine/ coach.
What year would that be?


Art, I have a 2011, ISC 8.3,

I have a 2011, ISC 8.3, 380 HP, 1050 ftlbs. Engine is probably built in 2010 tho.

Thanks for the help!!


re: No Odometer

Hello Larry

Given you have the latest 4.0.5 software, you can safely try this:
...(Engine Corrections)
... ... "zero" the offsets**
... ... Change Odometer PID from 245 to 244
... ... Check both boxes; requesting _more_ fuel and Odo results

** When you open this, random numbers may appear in the Offset column. If this happens, replace each Offset numeral with 0 . Press (OK)

If its a problem in translation and this doesn't fix it then the problem may be on the engine-side.

To prove that out, do these two things:
1. Rename your desktop icon to include the version ie. VMSpc_4.0.5
2. Install the v3.0 software (also renaming its' new icon; v3.0 etc

If it's then displaying the ODO data then you're the victim of a v4.x software bug. There are many--and the next release will whittle that down. See: v4.0.5 Bug List.

Art, I reinstalled v3.0 and

I reinstalled v3.0 and now all odometer functions work right.

I guess I'll keep an eye out for when v4 is steady. I saved my v4 layout. I really like the ability to lock gauges in v4.

Keep up the good work.

v4.0.5 to v3.0 update

Mornin Dawg

Thanks for the update--its clearly a v4.0.5 bug. Not a shocker yet disappointing just the same. v4.0.6 release day will be a very good day indeed.