Cost per mile enhancement request

It occurs to me that it would be neat if there was a way to enter # gallons and cost/gallon when resetting the tank minder. With that info, I'd think it would be fairly simple to add a cost per mile entry in the Odometers. I know yall are buried with the 4.xx releases but perhaps when things calm down???

Cost per Mile add: added

Hello Kerry
Great idea! This has been put on the list:

17. Tank Minder 1. Add a box for entering cost per gallon for Diesel along with gallons filled. 2. Add a summing-box for Cost-per-mile in Odometer gauge AND as a separate gauge."

Here's that complete list:

Sad to say, we are still swamped with new product development, principally the new Rozie system. While its pretty cool and coming right along, we're looking into January for any new PC builds. :-/