Remote monitor vs. Mini notebook


I'm reinstalling my VMSpec after several years of a hiatus and am totally not up to speed with the latest developments / options. A couple of questions.

My label says
JR501 J1708/J1939 Interface
hw 1.00 sw 1.05

Do I need to reference anything special when posting to the forum ? Is "JIB" version significant ?

Next, where's the best spot on the forum to view users set ups to see how best to install with the latest mini lap tops and remote monitors. I have this fantastic spot in my dash (shown) that I deliberately left for installing a remote screen. What screens are recommended for this in dash set up and are they touch or regular ? I'd like to stow a dedicated mini lap top out of site if others have set it up this way.

The 2nd option would be a folding / convertible tablet or mini computer that I mount to the left of the dash on a stand I can fashion but the issue (a few years back) with this idea was that no lap top let the screen lay all the way flat and parallel with the keyboard. Lenovo makes a 10" model called Flex that now solves this problem so I'm deliberating between the remote, in dash, screen and the Flex. Suggestions or pitfalls with the remote screen from users or admins welcomed and wanted. I guess I'm leaning toward the Flex and may have answered my own question but I've not been following the forum and am not sure what other options have come out lately. Thank you.

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re: Jeffs coach has entered the building

Hello Jeff

The "VMSpc Gallery of Installations" is the Go-To for who is putting what, where.

While we don't recommend a specific brand or model, we get a lot of feedback from guys who have used certain ones, those either to avoid or those which they're happy with.

As an example: RCA 11.6 'Cambio,' available from Walmart, online. Less-than $150. It has full-sized USB connection and a separate charging port (in the form of a common-enough 'barrel' connection.) So, this is pretty ideal for its size, connectivity and durability.

When shopping, filter by 4-star ratings and above, sort by price, lowest to highest. The 'Cambio' often ends up on top. It has a detachable keyboard--so for all intents an purposes, it can look and act like a 'netbook' sized notebook. Anything less-than 10" will be frustrating to set up and use. Larger than 12" is a real estate project. Of course, no telling whats on 'special.' ;-)

Your jib is a good model to use. There were some software improvements for it--you mentioned it having v1.05 and the current is v1.09. If it were me, I'd try the jib, as is with that specific coach and see if there's any hiccoughs in the screen information; ie delays or inconsistent data. If there are, send it in and we can update the software and give it a good check-up; make sure its ready to go traveling.

Have a look at the Gallery and be sure to give a call if things don't go smoothly.