Tank Minder HP Stream 7, Windows 10

Art, got the Tablet up and running from my post of 34 weeks ago. Thanks to all for the help. We talked about the tank minder not working and you suggest we load an older version. We did, now running v3.1b3. still not getting a correct reading on the tank minder. Recent mileage (although I have unchecked the recent block) seems to be accurate, but gallons never change. So miles to empty is always 150 gallons times mileage. Noticed in the small font as we shut down the VMSpc, "failed to load parameter 0x00B7". What does this mean, and is it why my tank minder does not work? Thanks for the help.

Tank minder

Hello Richard

Shortly before we launched into the new 4.x software project, we created a new, final version of v3 software, noteably v3.1b3. It fixed--or attempted to band-aid--several engine-specific problems.

However, we found that 'fixing' this older software to work better with the lagginess of the ISL engine we, in fact, broke the tank minder function for many other engines. I can't be sure how many other engines this affects, but it sure sounds like the culprit.

v3.0 software is best for most engines (except ISL) while v3.1x seems to work better with the ISL alone. At any rate, try the v3.0 download. First, rename the desktop shortcut created by the v3.1b3 to VMSpc_3.1.
Also, during installation of the v3.0, rename the destination folder to : c:\VMSpc_3.0. This rather than the stock: "C:\VMSpc"

This way, when the the new system installs, it leaves alone any changes or screens you've created or modified.

Thank you for keeping me posted on this



Art, will ask the wife

Art, will ask the wife computer expert to tackle this tomorrow! Thanks so very much!! Richard