Windows 10 and VMSpc version 3.1 Build 3

Some gauges are not responding correctly. Specifically Turbo Boost (pid 102) as it shows graph and lamp red at zero pressure. Is there a fix and how do I get it?

re: No Turbo Boost data on Gauge

This comes up from time to time. Seems you may either use the "Turbo Boost, Extended Range" or, if its not there, use the PID sniffer to find it. Double-click on it to 'Define' it [make a gauge of it.]

It will now appear in your simple gauges list.

Alternatively, use Parameter Editor to change the Turbo Boost PID from 102 to 439 .

It could be that there's no data to display. We're assuming the ECU is relaying the info. Its the PID sniffer that will tell all. Scroll down to PID 102 while its running and see what the numbers are--you'll need to run the throttle up a bit to see it change of course. Same for 439.

cheers -and be sure to post your results.