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I just got my VMSPc set up with my 10" Lenovo tablet. Much easier to read than the analog gauges, and so much more info. I am getting an error code that reads "ENG PID 94 92 Fuel Delivery Pressure Abnormal Change".
The engine was just serviced and they replaced a sensor on the engine. They said that no other codes were being thrown. The coach seems to run great.
What does this code mean?

re: PID 94 Abnormal change

Sometime we know why the dogs barks.
Sometimes the dog doesn't bark--which is odd.

In this case, the dog isn't barking. The pressure sensor can tell you about a high pressure problem (delivery-side of a filter--clogged filter) or low pressure (poor pumping or after-filter/ clogged). In your case, its neither. Its the ECU which is expecting a certain range of values, as programmed for the OEM sensor, to know what the pressure should be under various other conditions (RPM range etc.) We can therefore say the sensor probably is fine.

It would appear the messages (MIDs or PIDs) are just not what the ECU is expecting. It doesn't bark about high or low pressure--or, the "expected things." Its complaining that it doesn't like the messages and how they change. Its probably just a linearity thing.

Give a call to the dealer, ask if your ECU should be updated to reflect the new sensor. Be ready with the Part number they spec'd and installed--otherwise they'll have to look it up over a coffee...ugh

That's my best guess--from my office chair perspective. Be sure to drop a note here so we can all track this--its come up before.