Current Surprises with VMSPC

VMSPC version 4.01 maybe. I was going to download version 4.03, but before I did I was going to un-install what I thought was version 4.02 (as that is what was in your help/about window, yet windows reports version as 4.03.

Now something else that I would possibly suggest, since I have done some Visual Basic programming in the past (not sure what programming language you are using here) would be that you would add help files to your HELP button, instead of simply a printable manual.

First I want to say that VMSPC is an excellent product for watching the rolling status of a Motorhome. I have not attempted to use the very latest version, as I downloaded the latest version after my last outing for repairs to the unit. We have a 2007 model Discovery 39V, with a Cat C7 330hp diesel engine, and an Allison 3000/4000 series transmission, on a Freightliner chassis. I am running VMSPC on a Windows 10 laptop. Now to possible issues: 1.While driving once in a while, the transmission gear indicator would show letters instead of gear numbers. 2.Max Speed was continually showing in the multiple thousand speed range or -100000 at program startup. 3. I made the correct selection for engine I believe, yet with the default gauges setup with the product, the horsepower registered nothing. 4. The torque gauge registered nothing. 5. The odometer was registering one thousand + miles lower than the vehicle, I did discover that there was an offset parameter still present in the downloaded version. 6. I received a diagnostic message that I saw flashed briefly, at the end of the day when I arrived home, I did a trip reset, and later found that the diagnostic message was not present within the diagnostics file and yet I had not done a clear list, or clear history.

Current Surprises...

I'm going to do two things here:
1. Break out the various issues and see where we're at with the proposed bug fixes -and-
2. Move this thread over to the right section, under VMSpc, v4.0.3 feedback.

Then a response. Well, on the odometer, choose a seperate gauge for that, using the "Total Miles (Alternative".)

Also, on missing Torque/ HP, did this work on the previous builds?
If not, open PID sniffer. Do you see Engine Load and is it displaying a value other than '0' ?

No one but you and I will see this posting over here in the general VMS section....

(will move this Thursday 05-06-16)

Thanks for to totally neat feedback!!


Thank You Art

Sorry Art, I did not see how to get to feedback, I guess I should have seen that in the forum section.

I do not know if the HP/Torque worked previously or not, as I did not have them as gauges. I started with 4.03 default gauges which included these items.

OK now looking at the currently loaded sniffer items there were no PIDs for Horsepower or Torque, so I presume that the CAT C7 engine may not send these to the diagnostic port per your setup for that engine, that is if the engine selection is how you determine what PIDs to load. Sorry there was not PID for Engine Load present.

The odometer error that I noticed was fixed when I removed or zeroed the offset, so I simply mentioned it so that you might not accidentally leave a value in place when a new version goes live. I looked at the feedback posting and I like what others have suggested. Another suggestion that might be useful is the ability to set the amount of a full tank as well as the fill tank button. Again thank you for you timely response to my message and for your development of a very useful product. I can also be reached at if you so desire.

Followup to Suprizes

Hello Mark

On Torque and Horsepower PID messages are sent from the engine
much as any other sensor may be—as they exist and can be
measured. Our 'Engine File' only does some extrapolation from
“Engine Load” and “Engine Speed” to work out
Torque and Horsepower. Otherwise it knows/ affects nothing else.
I'll ask around here to see if anyone knows of a C-7 not being able
to relate Engine load.

The other items to work out and plan:

  1. J1708 Gear Selected/ Attained, letter not number... known
    bug; v4.0.1 --In work

  2. Max Speed (or other gauge) very high on startup, then to
    normal once running. Known bug—thought we fixed this wit
    4.0.3. Will look again in 4.0.4

  3. Horsepower missing. As you noted from the Sniffer, you're
    missing Engine Load PID. This is an engine-issue, it seems.

  4. Torque missing. Same as 3.

  5. 1000 Odometer offset. Will look into this. It didn't happen
    to my installation and it hasn't otherwise been reported. Will do
    some experiments...

  6. Missing diagnostics message. This is intrigueing if not just
    a little troubling. Will also experiment with this to see if we can
    duplicate it. Also a first.