v4.0.4 Software Buglist (closed)

Please give feedback and post your bugs on the Software 4.0.4 Feedback and bug fixes Page. Thank you !

..........known Issues..........

FIXES (needed):
1. Win-10, Defender gives us the boot On install, if program 'sits' idle without being installed, Defender boots it out. Install program is not the problem, Defenders' 'Heuristics' are flagging us as a maybe. (In Work)

2. Help menu item, needs a link to FAQ and Website. Link to manual works. Working on a 'boiler plate' which will consistently work on OS XP ~ Win-10)

3. Win10, WiFi Dropouts after ~45 min. Mouse-trick didn't work. Other method to prevent interruption? (Looking for root-cause)

4. Odometer "day one" odometer isn't day one. It starts from whatever date I create it.

5. Gauge Flicker J1708 & Serial JIB, 'red' values periodically, ~1/10th sec --Otherwise okay. See #7

6. Gauge Focus, on startup A random gauge is on focus. Should be none or, barring that, the same one each time.
(Problem identified--solution is...not so easy...)

7. Max Gauges: Spikes hurt! Any little spike (as displayed) also hits the Max with artificially high values. Parsing or Rule situation? (Still hunting for cause)

8. Color Palate (XP): Palates won't work unless 'Unique' is checked. Themes are broken. (In Work)

9. Full Screen (XP): Wonky. Eliminates top bar (which is fine) but then moves everything UP, not full screen. Bottom space (size of top-bar) remains blank. (In Work)

10. Incorrect Folder (Name) creation : Upon installation, folder name is 4.0.3 (prior build).

11. Engine File Access: When selecting an Engine File, user is taken to My Documents. Should be: C:\VMSpc[build]\VMSpc\Additional Engines

12. When playing .WAV file: the system stops responding and goes into a prolonged reset mode to recover control. .MP3 seems to work as required. [Win-10 x1 ]

13. Alarm set values: Will not save any values such as above/below, how many times the alarm sounds. After setting these values and hitting save, they are returned to the default of under and 70.

14. Full Screen: Under Win-10, Tablets: Long background press does not ESC from Full screen. Special button needed?

15. Trans info: Gear Attained missing on (new) J1939 chassis. We see a 'blank box' for gear attained. Worked on v2.5, 3.x and maybe 4.0.2. [3x samples]

16. Custom Color and Touch Under Win10 Tablet (without keyboard), cannot select custom color on Tank Minder. (sample = 1)

17. Tire Status; Learning Mode This times-out in 20~40 seconds rather than a reasonable 2 or 3 minutes. Need to increase this to 3 min

18. Tire Status; Presets & positions Tires Populate wrong. When re-opening Tire Status, grid auto populates with '0's for all possible positions. This carries over to the Status Gauge, filling it completely out with 0s'.

19. Maintenance List; functions correctly but displays "0" (mileage) interval while doing so. should read 5000 or 10000 or whatever the interval is.