Mode Gauge?

I will be using VMSpc next week, and have begun building my screen. Somewhere I recall seeing a layout with a Mode indicator. That would be useful to me, but I don't see one listed in the drop-down menu or on the PID descriptions. Does one exist? How do I add it?



re: Mode indicator

Hello Dan,

While a given gauge may read 'Mode'--read it with a grain of salt; those 'names' can be changed to any plaintext message or term. Mode makes a lot of sense for virtually anything--or the specific thing which we rename but nobody else is probably worrying about.

What are you wanting to know the status or 'mode' of?

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Allison 3000 6 spd. Transmission Mode

Build date: Oct. 2001
Allison 3000 series transmission
Cat 3126 330 HP
J1708 Backbone

PID 13

Would like to know more about what this PID is expected to pick up off the backbone?

Have not driven the coach since installing VMSpc.

Would like to change the "1" display to "Normal" and the "2" display to "Economy". My better half also drives this rig and she does not need to remember to do the change in her mind. The shifter is mounted down along side of the drivers seat where it is out of sight therefore out of mind. Now that the dash display it will remind me to put the transmission in economy, so having the display reflect the transmission is valuable.


re: PID 13 and econ mode

Hello Glenn

The Transmission Message I.D. (MID) group 130 covers specifically "Power Specific Fuel Economy." Those parameters we're 'picking off the backbone' are not very forum-friendly. Best I can do is direct you to the source document for this so you may analyze the various bits and messages.

PID 13 (as seen on the VMSpc) can be edited via the Parameter Editor (see 'Advanced' ... 'Parameter Editor')

Within the Parameter Editor for the Transmission Mode, the Low readings vs High 'red line' are just building the scale of it. It would seem the result is reversed on yours? In which case, just reverse the scale from low (numbers)-to- high, go from high (numbers) to low.

You could take a screen shot [alt + PrtScrn, paste into the paint program 'Paint'] Then edit the current numerals using the screen grab as your reference.

Hope this helps


PID 13 as seen in VMSpc

I will try to reverse the numbers. I am still a little in the fog on how that will change the displayed number "1" to read "Normal" and change the displayed number "2" to read "Economy". Thanks for the .PDF It may take me awhile to read it and do the research so I can know just what should appear in the backbone regarding PID 13. So I can ask a meaningful question.


Mode indicator

The Allison tranny "mode" switch - Econ vs regular? Mine is a little on-off button on the transmission pad, and I often forget to turn it on because it's hard to see.



I dont think I have ever seen

I dont think I have ever seen "mode" as a displayed PID for transmission functions. But hey, I have been wrong before..

Transmission Mode gauge Allison WTEC III Pushbutton

Wanted the "Transmission Mode" gauge on the VMSpc screen for my coach (Allison w/WTEC III, Pushbutton) to indicate something other than a "1" or "2". Choice was more based on the shifter, Normal or Econo.

Art at Silverleaf put up with my learning curve, taught me a lot, and this would not have happened without him.

What I ended up with is a gauge that shows a label of "Transmission Mode"; Shows a red light for Normal and green light for Econo. In the body of the gauge when the shifter is in normal the gauge Shows "Performance" on a red background and when in econo shows "Economy" on a green background.

So, first I tweaked the gauge: turned off the bar graph, and changed the yellow light to red. Found it a place on the screen of the laptop.

Next, (from Art) let's make a message box for this:

1. ... ...
... (select) Transmission Mode ...
Select 'Equal' and a trigger of 2, Type in 'Perelli' (Performance) or something for the message. Change the color for this, make it unique (red to match the gauge light).


... Transmission Mode ...
Select 'Equal' and a trigger of 1, Type in 'Econo' (Economy) or something for the message. Change the color for this, make it unique (green to match the gauge light).
2. ... (select) Transmission Mode, Message
lines: 1

Place the gauge somewhere on your screen which makes sense.
/ Save.

Having done this moved the message box over the "Transmission Mode" gauge and resized it to cover the bottom half of the gauge. Adjusted gauge size and message box size to look like what I wanted.

Save the file!

My shifter is mounted low on the left side of the driver's seat. I almost never look down there, so I would to forget to put it in Economy. Now I have a reminder right in the middle of my VMSpc screen right under the gear asked for/gear attained to remind me to put it in Economy mode.

Problem solved! Thank You Art.


Message Box for Transmission Mode

Have now driven the coach and found that the message box does not always change depending on the mode selection switch. More often than not I have to click on the message box to make it update. If I leave it alone it has gone over a half of a day without update. Working on another solution, it may not be as slick looking at the message box but hopefully will update as soon as I hit the switch.

re: Message box for Transmission

Hello Glenn

Which software version are you on? Also, I'm wondering if this is a year-related lag; given that its a 2001 rig the data may be laggy.

Maybe you could have your co-pilot run a Raw Log during your next outing.
... (Raw Log)
... ... Rename the (rawlog.vms) shift_01.vms and hit the radio-button to Start it. Maybe this will be the first (and only) log...

Roll far enough to get up to high gear. Make a mental note if the shift (in the program) was delayed. Then have your copilot stop the log.

email the file (C:\VMSpc or c:\VMSpc\vmspc_4.0.5\) me here at Documentation Central: Art at