Just got notification that Windows 10 will be available to me and verification that there are no problems with my computer as far as Win 10 goes.

However I don't intend to download Win 10 to the computer that I run VMSpc on until verification from Silverleaf on Win 10 and VMSpc playing well together.

Is Silverleaf planning on downloading/installing Win 10 ASAP and testing with VMSpc? And letting us know?


re: Win-10

Hello Pete

The initial installation (with a pre-release) was successful. This was several months back. Its about time we get the official release (or final release candidate) and make a formal experiment of it.

Worse case scenario: the drivers will not initially work. The program should be fine, regardless. That being said, we rely on beta testers to fill in the many gaps as seen in posts of yesteryear. Then, when we have a solution, its patched and everyone benefits.

Still, it'll be good to get the ball rolling with a local test on a monitored machine.

Again, thanks Pete for all your helpful prodding! ;-)


re: Win-10

Quick note on Windows-10, as the latest unofficial release is known: Its All Good.

We loaded the latest VMSpc along with the driver and immediately were connected to the USB JIB. We had some slow data, which we corrected with an advanced USB setting (within the program.) Its a pretty old, month-1, uncirculated unit which has a curious and questionable history. So, perhaps the small adjustment should be expected.

Still, its a sample of (one) and its a new platform we all want complete information about. I would have no hesitation migrating to the new WIN-10 Operating System.


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Thanks Art. I assume if we

Thanks Art. I assume if we need the USB info you will be posting it here.


USB Setting for our old jib

Hello Pete

The USB setting change we made on the old jib:

... ...(Advanced USB jib Properties)

Bit Gap - Changed from 16 to 17

This change was picked rather offhandedly. The byte count was slow to come up, we saw maybe 800 in the first minute. Should be 1200 in the first few seconds.

Once the advanced setting was adjusted, the bytes flew right in.


windows 10

Have a Acer One with windows 10.

Serial JIB with a Serial to USB adapter.

Drive a flat screen TV above the driver.

Use a wireless Microsoft keyboard with a mouse pad.

Display VMSpc on the laptop. Display Microsoft Street and Trips on the flat screen, wife uses the wireless keyboard to operate Microsoft Street and Trips on the flat screen.

All of the hardware plays well together. Just a few snags. In other places there is a comment about Windows thinking that the serial JIB is a mouse. Easy fix, reboot computer, follow the instructions to get Windows to connect to the JIB. Have not found that I have to disconnect any cables just power up in the correct sequence. You will know when it is not connected correctly the mouse pointer jumps around the page in response to the data coming from the coach.

Hardest part was finding the correct serial to USB adapter that has a Windows 10 driver available. Trendnet TU-S9 in the white version has usable drivers. If you are using a USB JIB this is not a problem.

Up-Date, Just bought another serial to USB adapter (the first one died) $14.00 it was advertised as having Win 10 drivers. Works just fine and never is seen as a mouse. Used to unplug the USB cable and plug it back in to get Win 10 to reload drivers. Not so with the new one.

re: Serial tricks and tips

Hello Glenn

Thanks for the tips.

There are quite a few of these units out there and more and more users migrating to Windows 10. Well...actually, its more of a forced march...

Ironically, Windows 10 is mucking with many folks' perfectly-fine USB setups. The whys' are a bit odd and circuitous but still a hassle. It a hassle the 'Serial Folks' will not have the privilege of suffering through. Darn ;-)

Thanks for the good words