Has anybody had any trouble with your software not connecting to the coach engine computer because of a "PC Failure?" I have identified the correct Port, and checked automatic restart, but still get the same error. Talked to Martin from Silveleaf at the Concord FMCA and he said to (1) Open Device Manager, plug in USB Adapter and port number should appear on the list. Next, he said to start VMSpc and set it to the correct port. Finally, plkug in the JIB and it should work. Well, it did but only one time. Since then, my system has been down. Thanks, Ron

PC Port Failure

"PC Port Failure" means either the port doesn't exist, or some other program has already grabbed it. If the Device Manager shows the port exists (and there isn't a error icon showing), then it means some other program has grabbed the port.

One candidate is Windows itself. If it sees data coming in the port before VMSpc has grabbed it, Windows will interpret the data as a mouse. That has two effects - VMSpc can't open the port, and Windows will get seriously twitchy as it tries to interpret engine data as mouse movements.

That's why it's important to start VMSpc first, and then plug the JIB into the USB adapter.

Another candidate would be a GPS program that has a port autodetection feature. (It could also be some other program like a PDA synchronization program.) That autodetect feature may be grabbing the port as soon as it sees it, shutting VMSpc out.

If it worked once, think about what might be different now. Maybe it's the order in which you started up the programs, or some other program you started in the background. Something has to have changed.

And remember: Always use a firm, confident tone when talking to your computer. Computers can smell fear.