Connect It with Bluetooth or Wifi

Total Control from Your Phone or Tablet!

Put your control panel in your pocket! If you have a SilverLeaf RV-C coach system you can now add our TM-540 Bluetooth Module and connect your Android phone or tablet. You now have a wireless connection to your coach that you can use on the sofa, from the driver seat, or even take outside. You can both monitor and control - so you can start your generator or turn off your water pump from anywhere within range.

We use a high-power Bluetooth transmitter to reach distances of over a hundred feet. Installation is easy - Plug into the diagnostics port or tap into the existing Silverleaf connectors or connect 4 wires. Download the software to the phone or tablet, and then pair the device.

The TM-540 Bluetooth Module is $295.00. It works with Android phones or tablet with Bluetooth and Android Versions 2.x. Android 4.x are not supported.

These are real screen shots from a Motorola Atrix phone. You can download and preview the application by clicking on the APK file link here. (Make sure your phone or tablet is set to allow programs from outside sources.)

RVCService.apk138.49 KB