Always on top?

Is there a way to set up the VMSpc screen so that it is always on top of the screen? Every time I click on my Delorme GPS map, the VMSpc screen disappears. Thanks, Larry

Resize the DeLorme window so

Resize the DeLorme window so the two can be viewed side by side.

-- Ned --

How do you resize the DeLorme Window

Basic question, subject line says it all.


Gaines H

Resizing DeLorme Window

You can resize the DeLorme window by clicking on the window button on the upper right of the screen. Get the single square and not the two overlapping squares. Then just drag the edges of the window.

Jim Walker
Northern Virginia

On top Program

You can download and install Power Menu. It is a program that will keep VMSpc on top. I used it to keep VMSpc on top of my Co-Pilot GPS program. Co-Pilot couldn't be resized when running in guidance mode.

Power Menu