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Aladdin system components that were typically installed.

The Aladdin system consists of many modules connected in a network that collect holding tank, power, and temperature data. These values are presented on the motorcoach's televisions, and a small screen at the dash on the back-up monitor. Viewing is menu-driven by controlling a small joystick controller. If any of these many parts and pieces fail, they are no longer supported and no replacement parts are available.



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SilverLeaf Electronics has responded to the requests of many, many motorcoach owners by developing an extremely reliable solution to replace the Aladdin system altogether with the proven track record of our products and customer support you can count on. Physical installation is very low impact. We re-utilize existing wiring, so there is ZERO down-frame wiring that has to be done.


Full Engine/Transmission Instrumentation. Holding tank levels (with reliable tank sensors). AC Volts/Amps. Optional upgraded 50A transfer switch with surge protection built-in. DC Volts/Amps. Solar Panel Volts/Amps. Plumbing/Outside Temperatures.

Bonus Features:

Engine/Transmission Diagnostics in plain English. Easy to use Automatic Generator Start. Auto Fresh Water Fill Control (if coach is equipped with an autofill solenoid). Water Pump Control.

Dash Displays


This conversion is completely compatible with the dash displays listed below. Click the links to take a closer look.


VMS 330 (Standard Aladdin Dash Replacement)


VMS 440


VMS 645 Glass Dash


As with Aladdin, the SilverLeaf system can display holding tanks, power system, and temperature on your flat panel display--but not only that! Your chassis, ABS, transmission, trip...fuel and much else are also available at your fingertips. A wired PressurePro Tire Pressure Monitoring System can also be incorporated, just as you see it here.


SPX 300 Bay Indicator

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HMS 365 Touchscreen

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