Boost guage question

Have been using VMSpc for a few years on our DSDP. Just put a Banks PowerPack on the Cummins ISC 350. I changed the setup to the ISC Banks one and found that my Banks boost gauge shows about 32-34 psi boost while the VMSpc never went over 24.3 psi. According to Banks I should see in the low 30's for boost now and that jibes with the gauge. I know I have the ISC w/Banks settings as the HP and torque show the new higher output. Is there something I need to change to get the correct boost reading?

The limitation is due to an older engine.

The engine's sensor can only handle the boost range it was designed for, and it's topping out. Unfortunately there isn't much you can do about it.

Didn't think

that a 2002 ISC was that old! Sorry I didn't specify the year in my earlier post.

We call that a "vintage" engine.

Or a "classic".

Actually, diesel technology has been moving very fast recently, thanks to the EPA. When I first got into RVs you would see engine designs remain virtually unchanged for a decade or longer. Today it's four years at most. Ever tighter emissions standards are the main impetus.