Economy Mode Indicator for the Allison 3000

Is there a way to indicate the Economy Mode status?

The economy mode is already

The economy mode is already indicated by the RED LED near the MODE button on the shift pad.
Are you desiring to place an indicator on the dash or somewhere else?

Yes, someplace else, on the

Yes, someplace else, on the laptop screen as part of the VMSpc image. The way the hardware is located in the coach you can not see the RED LED in the shift pad. It would be nice to have the VMSpc indication be Green for ON and Red for Off as a reminder of the status.

I'am not sure how you would

I'am not sure how you would go about getting the transmission information regarding the economy mode over to the VMSpc. Maybe Martin or Mark will jump in with a solution for you.

Red Light

The Red Light on the pad. Is only a feel good light.
The MPG saved using it has never been proven. Even Allison tech says it would be very hard to see the difference between using or not using it.

It is always off every time you start the MH. When you put it in "D" hit the Mode and turn it on.

Now you are good to go until the next time you start the engine.


Larry, I think you may be

Larry, I think you may be correct. A new "D" "E" habit may be in order. However, there are times where I turn it Off for better performance, then remembering to turn it back On again is also a problem. Thank you for your input.

Mode Indicator

Allison uses this as a alternate shift pattern. Not much difference in a motorcoach. These transmissions are also installed in applications where power takeoffs are installed at the transmission. In one of these cases the mode switch is used for a driving shift pattern and the alternate pattern is programed for power takeoff. Means a lot in a power takeoff application. In a motorcoach it usually delays the shift and limits the max rpm for a shift. Transmission shifts at a lower HP but higher torque.
There is a transmission mode gauge in the program. It will put a indicator on the screen to remind you to shift the transmission mode. I use a red indicator to indicate "performance" and a green indicator to tell the shifter is in "economy". Tried to use message boxes but they would not always update. Now thinking on how to get the graph bar to change colors along with the indicator.